How To Save Hanging Plates (From Falling To Their Demise)

How To Save Hanging Plates (From Falling To Their Demise)


A bit of a over exaggeration, sure. But I’m upset. For mine and Joe’s wedding, 2 and a half years ago if you can believe, we received some really thoughtful gifts. One which has stuck with me is our Rob Ryan plates.

A beautiful deep blue colour which matched our Smalt blue kitchen feature wall, and sat proudly above the kitchen window overlooking our garden. They spoke of love, illustrated through the four seasons of the year and using astronomy metaphors. It couldn’t have been a more ‘us’ present.

rob ryan plate 06

(I blogged about them here if you want a more detailed look at them.)

Sadly, we completely misjudged where they were hung and one day, I flung open the kitchen cupboard in a rage obviously hangry looking for some biscuits (I can’t remember if this is actually what happened but it does sound like something I’d do so let’s roll with it…) The cupboard door slammed against the final plate – Winter if you hadn’t guessed – and it plummeted to its demise on our rustic grey oak worktops.

For months the last plate hanger stood empty. I hunted to replace the plate without having to repurchase the set but with no luck.

But after yet another rummage through TK Maxx one weekend, I did find a similar set for only £9.99. What a bargain!

Rob Ryan hanging plates 04

Rob Ryan hanging plates 05

Rob Ryan hanging plates 03

Even though they’re not the blue which I adored from the original set, I am eventually planning to get my arse into gear and add roller blinds to this window. With a bit of luck, I can persuade Joe to go really over the top with colour. I’ve had my eye set on the Archie fabric by BlueBellGray. It is LUSH. This should counteract any blockiness added from the monochrome of the plates.

But back to the catastrophy at hand…

To make sure the same problem didn’t repeat itself, Joe had the ingenious idea to make sure that the cupboard can’t open all the way to the back wall using household items that most of us will have lying in a ‘man drawer’ somewhere. You know the type I’m talking about. The one with the batteries and discontinued phone chargers…

Using 2 standard hooks and a cable tie, the cupboard can now only swing so far, saving any more disasters. My hero!

Rob Ryan hanging plates 01

Rob Ryan hanging plates 02

It’s the equivalent of having a door stopper on the wall, which I think would have also worked in this situation, but wouldn’t have been so discreet.

Does this count as a life hack? Plate hack perhaps? Either way, my new plates hopefully won’t be destroyed this time around.

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  • Holly Atkinson

    Oh my goodness, the fabric is absolutely gorgeous! I love it.