A Night Off From DIY with Margaritas & Flamingoes

A Night Off From DIY with Margaritas & Flamingoes

The sun is out! A rarity here in the North West. But ever since we bought this house, we’ve not only become one of those couples that DIY a bank holiday weekend away, but we’ve also become THAT couple who only gets excited about sunshine because it means we can likely get some outdoor cementing or painting done! I know. We’re 28 going on 48…

But hey, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Saying that, it’s time for the latest Rose and Grey styling challenge (I’m one of their Style Ambassadors – see my last project styling mason jars here) and when I saw that it was cocktail related, Joe and I decided that it was time to sit back and actually enjoy our garden for the one evening, rather than work on it.

So Joe put away his tools – he’s been building flower beds from scratch and painting the shed – and I washed and put aside my paintbrushes (I’ve just primed the picnic bench white, ready for a bit of a bonkers colour next week if the good weather continues! Watch this space…)

And cocktails we had.

Rose & Grey sent us these fab frozen margarita glasses and whilst we really love our cocktails, it’s actually one I’d never tried before! So we asked our good friend Dave, also known as Drinks Enthusiast who recommended the following:

50ml Blanco Tequila (we were recommended Casco Viejo)
25ml Triple Sec
25ml lime juice
1 spoon agave syrup (optional)

This is best served over ice and fine strain into a half-salted rim and finished with a lime wedge.

I personally added a little pineapple to mine because ever since we had our honeymoon in Cuba, I can’t help but add pineapple to all of my cocktails. Plus, they look badass on display, am I right? Can’t neglect that 5 a day!We neglected the ice at this point too because the quite frankly, we didn’t want to wait any longer for a drink. Ha!

cocktail 04

cocktail 01 cocktail 02

cocktail 03cocktail 05 cocktail 06

We had a really lovely evening as the sun set, perfect while the baby slept.

And at the same time, it inspired me a little for our lounge makeover – currently in progress. It’s almost complete, but I’m just adding a few finishing touches before sharing the transformation, and I haven’t been able to put my finger on what’s missing so far. We’ve got a real tropical feel going on in there at the moment. Palm trees. In fact, lots of plants in general. A deep inky blue on the walls with accents of hot pink, burnt orange and lime green. Oh, it’s just so much much BEAUTIFUL than a few weeks ago when the walls were plain white and the room looked boring as sun.

And then I was shooting these glasses and getting a little merry. Looking through the lens at the adorable straws and coaster that came with the set, full of palm-like leaves against deep pink florals, they just went so perfectly with the pink flamingo stirrers and I decided that flamingos might just have to be added to the equation too in our living room. They’re on trend after all so there is plenty of choice in the homeware stores.

(I found this image below on Pinterest and think it might need blowing up and adding to the wall.)

Sometimes I think you just need to step away from a project to shine a new light on there. It was lovely to sit back and do this with a little help from Rose & Grey. I hope you like the glasses and try the cocktail! How do you get inspired when a project is falling flat?

*Disclosure: As mentioned above, I’m a Style Ambassador for Rose & Grey and received these glasses for the purpose of this post. They are a brand I believe in and all words, images and opinions are 100% my own. Bottoms up!