DIY Gold & White Dip-Dye Jars

DIY Gold & White Dip-Dye Jars

Dip dye mason jar 05

I’m in the middle of giving our bedroom a serious revamp – blog to follow! – and it wasn’t really until we had the kitchen extended that it became apparent to us just how much the little home touches matter to a room.

I was recently asked by Rose & Grey, one of my fave home décor stores if I’d like a challenge; they wanted to see my personal take on 3 gorgeous flower jars – similar to mason jars. These jars are so versatile and it only takes about 30 seconds on Pinterest to know that they can be made into anything: lights, cocktail glasses, terrariums, lunchboxes, candles, soap dispensers – or just the humble vase. They really are fab.

But like I said, I’m currently doing up my bedroom and I desperately need somewhere to store my makeup brushes and general cosmetics. So this time around, they’re destined for the dressing table.

It’d be easy enough to just throw in the brushes. The criss-cross lids mean that they’d stand up perfectly spaced apart. However,  our new colour scheme for the bedroom is black, white and gold, so I thought I might as well go to town and give the jars a bit of glam.

Dip dye mason jar 04

I’ve been wanting to get the dip dye effect on SOMETHING for ages so this is my chance. I whipped out my Montana spray paints (THE best spray paint I’ve used – hands down) in White and Gold Chrome and sprayed my little heart out.

To get the best lines I used regular old masking tape (push it down good so the paint doesn’t run) and so that the alternate sides weren’t painted I taped down sandwich bags to cover the areas. It was all I had in and had to use my ‘creativity’ okay? Heck yeah! (You could also use Clingfilm. If you struggle getting a line first time with the tape, go on and use a dry wipe marker first. Go for it, I won’t judge.)

And then, paint time, including the lids.

Dip dye mason jar 01

Dip dye mason jar 02

I actually loved the existing industrial scratched grey colouring they had, but I wanted to bling it the hell up, so let’s say hey to that gold.

In one jar, I added my make-up brushes. They’re all various heights so I kept the top of the jar clear so I could see in. In another jar, cotton wool buds. (I know, boring but they gotta go somewhere!) And in the third, because I haven’t yet got ANY plants in my bedroom – something I’m trying to rectify in each room of the house – I’ve put in some flowers which were a bargain £1 from Homebase.

For the jars which I didn’t need the lid for, instead I used it as a mount so that the display had varying heights.

I also had some chalkboard labels in which I’ve been meaning to use for a while, so on they went. I did a bit of doodling with my chalkboard markers, but don’t worry about my terrible artist’s hand, it’s wipeable!

Dip dye mason jar 09

Dip dye mason jar 10

Dip dye mason jar 06

Dip dye mason jar 07

So there you have it, my mini makeover of mason jars. My dresser may be a work-in-progress but it’s finally starting to come together. What do you think?

Dip dye mason jar 08