A Quick Hallway Update

A Quick Hallway Update

hallway 01

This past month, we’ve made a few additions to our beautifully bright hallway. And isn’t it always the little things that make a room shine?

In my last update I showed you the paint we chose (Valspar’s Oopsy Daisy is the yellow colour in case you’re wondering) and our monochrome striped carpet on the stairs.

They changed the room drastically, but apart from the decorating aspects, we really had nothing in the way of furnishings. We’re still a way off from it being how I’d like it to look and we still have a few paint touch ups to crack on with, but for the time being these 3 additions to the room are really making me smile.

The Lamp

This was a bargain at only £20 from TK Max. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever been to that store and NOT bought something. It’s getting a little silly… Anyway, well and truly in line with my wish to monochrome the shiz out of this room, I just couldn’t resist it. Having the light shine through the little window at night time is just gorgeous and bounces beautifully off the adjoining yellow walls, even shining down the driveway so you can see it when you pull up outside the house at night. It warms the space so much.

hallway 04

The Mirror

This mirror we’ve had for ages. In fact, not only do I love the mirror (which was bought for £30 from Dunelm Mill in 2012 I think) but it has real sentimental value. In fact, it was the seating plan for our wedding. Obviously all the cards with names on it have been removed  and we’ve stashed them in a wedding souvenir box – but I just love that we have a little something from that day that we will look at every single time we leave the house. Plus it matches, so y’know, that’s a bonus. I’m SO glad we went for this option for our special day, rather than create one we’d never see again.

hallway 02

The Pendant Light

Gosh it’s so nice to have a proper light in this room again. For so long it has just been a dangling bulb from a plastic burnt out cord – see Exhibit A below…

burnt lighting

Pretty ugly, right?

Now we have this beautiful pendant light in a matt black finish, cork detailing, copper interior rim and suspended by a black braided cable. (Actually, the interior looks a lot more brass in real life rather than copper as stated in its item description.) It’s dreamy, and adds a glow to the hall that makes that huge height from our stairs to the hallway ceiling a little less harsh. The shape of it is really welcome, as it’s almost a teartrop or bell-type curve, which contrasts nicely against the linear stripes of the carpet below. It’s the Gaucho 1 Pendant Light  from Lighting Majestic and at only £55, I think it’s a steal.

hallway 03

hallway 05

So there you have it, our latest additions. Other items I’m adding to the shopping list include:

Relacement PVC window (a biggie this one)
Wire pendant light for the downstairs (suggestions welcome if you have seen a good’un)
Curtains for the stairway tall window

Oh and we also need to box in under the staircase. Needless to say there is still a lot to be done. But I much prefer the shopping bit…

*Thank you so much to Lighting Majestic for supplying the lighting for the purpose of review. We are so grateful for the brands that support Well I Guess This Is Growing Up and I can’t recommend this particular light highly enough – it’s lush. 
  • Christine & Jan

    Love it & totally agree that it’s the finishing touches that make everything come together – especially when they have sentimental value.

    • Thanks Christine. So glad I’m not the only one who thinks so! And I’m such a soppy sentimental buggar haha x