Our 3 Year Home Makeover & Best DIY Blog Award!

Our 3 Year Home Makeover & Best DIY Blog Award!

The end of August marked a whopping 3 years since Joe and I bought our little semi-detached with “character” – how we prefer to label it rather than “that house that needed a facelift.”

It’s also when I started this blog as a way to document the work we’ve done on it. And I can’t quite believe it’s been 3 years. In this past 12 months in particular, the focus has certainly changed.

3 years

Ever since we cracked open that bottle of champagne in August 2011, sat in deck chairs in the lounge, we celebrated home ownership at the age of 24, and the journey ahead which marked the house as our baby. In the past year the focus has still been on the house, but there is a new baby in town – a real one – and we’ve been on a race against time to make sure we are no longer in ‘renovation’ mode, making it a safe and comfortable place to be.  So with a new deadline firmly in place, there was no more “we’ll do it when we can afford it”, it was more of a case of , these walls aren’t going to be safe for a baby, they’re getting re-done. NOW.

It’s funny, I remember the day so well when we got the house. I was wearing a green sports jacket and a frog hat to match. It’s obvious I’m never going to win any fashion awards, but one thing we got out of everything since that day is experience, patience, bundles of love for our home, and hopefully, we’ve learned a few things along the way too. That’s why I’m so pleased that we’ve been nominated for Best DIY Blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!

We’re far from professionals, and we still have a lot to learn about design, but wow we’ve come a long way.

Looking through the list of nominees I’m not sure I stand a chance in hell of winning. I love so many of the blogs in there, and if you are ever after a great read or need inspiring when it comes to interiors, you seriously need to have a flick through their latest posts. Amazing stuff.

But if you have found anything I’ve added on here useful, interesting, funny, cringeworthy (yes we make mistakes from time to time!) over the past 3 years then I’d absolutely love to get your vote here.

amara interior blog awards

(My mum is so proud. It’s like I’ve won an Oscar or something. It’s dead cute.)

As I did on our 2 year house anniversary post, here is a recap of some of my highlights from the past year in our home. As always, thanks so much for stopping by, for reading my ramblings, for all of the encouragement people have given us with our house renovations. It’s been really tough work living in a building site, but sometimes documenting in on here and hearing your lovely feedback is what keeps up going.

Thank you so much.

amara blog awards

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