A Stripey Nursery Wishlist

A Stripey Nursery Wishlist

I’ve started that exciting stage now in the nursery.

The furniture is in and you could certainly class the room as decorated. But now, we are looking ahead to the finishing and personal touches. It’s not something I’ve really had a proper chance to indulge in at our house. I’ve definitely done my fair share of window shopping, and we certainly don’t live in squalor. But having a room decorated from start to finish, exactly how we want it, with ornaments, and throws and picture frames, and whatever else – that is something we haven’t yet focused on in any other room, and I’m excited to begin on our baby’s bedroom.

Sure they won’t remember it, but Joe and I will.

I’ve been putting together ideas and wish lists for a few months on Pinterest for when this time came. And now that I sit and look at it, there are so many stripes in there. In particular, I’m loving the pink and grey chevron combo. After all, we’ve painted the nursery for our baby girl a baby blue – so I’ve got to pink it up a little bit on the accessories don’t I?

Here are a few of my absolutely favourite items that I’ve been pinning for ideas, and some ideas as to how to get a lovely stripe-themed nursery.

nursery stripes

1. Striped walls (Image source: Pinterest)

It’s a big regret that we haven’t yet done a striped feature wall in any room of the house. I absolutely love them, and I desperately wanted one in our master bedroom! We didn’t end up doing it in our nursery because we were in too much of a hurry to get paint on the walls. However, I think this is one of the nicest nursery pictures I’ve yet to see.

2. Ombre cushion (Image source: Pinterest)

Not for the baby but for me! I’d love something to snuggle into when I’m sat in the nursery feeding. I hear these babies feed a lot so I might as well make myself comfy! Love the pink to grey combo on this one from Etsy.

3 & 4. Lampshade (Image sources: Etsy & Etsy)

Lampshades are mostly boring I think, but there is something about this pink chevron that I keep coming back to, and I just love the addition of the elephants in the second choice. Can’t decide which is my favourite!

5 & 6. Changing mats (Image sources: Pinterest & Pinterest)

Certainly more a necessity than a decorative item, but changing mats seem to be much prettier than I expected. Considering they’re, y’know, going to get messy, shall we say? I love the chevrons on both covers, and the dinosaur pattern on the latter was just too cute not to put in my wishlist.

7. Curtains (Image source: Pinterest)

Not normally a fan of ombre at all, but the grey gradient in this room is just lovely, fresh and I think it would rock a nursery.

8. Wall Chart (Image source: Pinterest)

I think wall charts are much better suited for older children, so we won’t be getting one ourselves, but I think they’re such a great idea and if we had a larger nursery/playroom, I’d buy this one in a heartbeat. Yup, it’s those chevrons again that have suckered me in!

9. Lamp (Image source: Pinterest)

Whilst I’m not sure yet if we need a lamp, or have room for one in the nursery, I thought this personalised letter lamp was just too adorable, especially mixed with the stripey shade. I’m half-considering getting one for my own bedside table.

10. Clock (Image source: Etsy)

I’m told a ticking clock can really help with baby’s breathing whilst sleeping, not to mention timing those night time feeds! I’m sure I’ll be having a stare competition with it at 3am so might as well be something I enjoy looking at! As I didn’t want Joe to feel left out, I picked this yellow chevron clock with a Star Wars theme.

11. Blinds (Image source: Apollo Blinds)

Now before you think I’ve gone bonkers picking both striped curtains and blinds, I don’t think I’m that wacky to do both. However, I adore the simplicity of these grey striped blinds and think they’d add a touch of class and calm to a baby’s room.

12 & 13 . Artwork (Image sources: Pinterest & Pinterest)

I can’t tell you how much I love this elephant print, and again it’s that pink/white/grey combo that I think looks both cute and yet fresh and modern at the same time. But as you can see, I also couldn’t resist these baby dinosaur prints. Dinosaurs, my weakness! I think the coloured chevrons in the background just make these so beautiful for a nursery. I’m going to do a separate post on nursery art though as I seriously am having so much fun trying to narrow down my favourites. Watch this space!

Now, before you think I’ve gone absolutely round the bend, I’m not going to get everything in this post, and not everything I buy will be the same pattern or colour! (I do realise that this post is a bit grey-heavy.) It’s a pretty cosy (read: bit on the small side) nursery so I don’t want to go overboard and I certainly don’t have miles of wall space to play with, so the key here will be to be selective – for regular readers of my blog, you’ll understand how difficult this is for me!

I’ll probably pick just a handful of these items and reveal them when the room is complete.  If you’re a mum, you may think some of these items aren’t even needed. I’m new to this so all advice is welcome! Which are your favourites? 🙂

This post was written as an entry for the #ApolloTwilight competition. Wish me luck!

  • Angela

    Love the elephant lamp and the dinosaur pics xx

    • KarenAnita

      Thanks mum. I need to make my bloody mind up and get buying haha! x

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