Nursery Update: Furniture, Clothes & Cuddly Toys!

Nursery Update: Furniture, Clothes & Cuddly Toys!

In one week last month, the nursery was completely transformed.

The box was touched up, the carpet was fitted, the doors and windowsill were glossed, and the nursery furniture was delivered and built. It felt amazing. You can read about the carpet and the box in my last nursery update here. But the rest I’ve yet to blog about. Better late than never! Here we go…

We really struggled when selecting nursery furniture. We were working with a limited space, and it turns out a standard cot bed size would have been just a few inches too long for the gap we had available. I talked about this in this blog post – Thank you so much to everyone’s suggestions following that!

After some serious searching, we discovered the John Lewis Stockholm range.

It’s white. Fitted into the space. Sturdy. Simple yet modern. Basically everything we were looking for.

The only problem? It was a brand new range so wasn’t yet available in-store. I’m definitely the kinda gal to order everything I possibly can from the comfort of my couch sat in my dinosaur onesie, but with things like furniture I do prefer to see them in person first to get a feel how well made they are. And in this case, to check that it fitted!

After being reassured from John Lewis that we could return the set if it wasn’t right, we ordered both the cot bed and the dresser, which is also a changing table.

Joe’s dad was at the house when it arrived so I eagerly waited for news whilst at work to see if it was okay, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see it over WhatsApp. It really is beautiful.

See for yourself!

nursery furniture 01

nursery furniture 02

nursery furniture 03

The dresser has three deep drawers, and the changing table on top is a great size, with a separated area to keep useful items. I’m guessing this will be for things like wipes and nappy creams, but I’m yet to learn the wonders of nappy changing so go easy on me!

It’s beautifully sturdy and unlike a lot of similar dressers we saw when window shopping, the inside of the drawers are not at all flimsy. (I can’t stand those drawers where the bottom is made of some garbage piece of cardboard.) Also, the changing table is attached via the back of the dresser, meaning that when we don’t need it to be a changing unit anymore, we can remove this section to become simply a lovely set of drawers.

We’ve already started filling the drawers which I’m soon to be sorting through. We’re accumulating baby stuff thick and fast!

The cotbed is also just so adorable. I really do love it.

nursery furniture 05

nursery furniture 06

nursery furniture 04

I’ve never been a huge fan of frills and complicated designs at the best of times. I love simplicity as I personally think it’s a bit more modern. Thanks to the quirky legs of this cotbed it fits around that awkward slopey box – a miracle if you ask me! As you can see, if this was built like a standard cotbed, the legs would have been fitted right to the end, rather than inverted – and it simply wouldn’t have gone in our space. We were really lucky to find this design. There is an adjustable height to make the cot into a toddler bed when the time comes – although who knows, by the time that happens, we may be looking at baby number  2 and it may stay a cot a little bit longer. We’ll see!

Ignore the blue mattress. It’s a normal white mattress but we’ve left the cover on for now so it doesn’t get dusty. And I couldn’t resist adding a few toys to the cot already.

nursery furniture 10

I hope you like our choices!

I know we still need plenty of things in terms of lighting, a chair, changing mat etc. I’ll do more nursery updates in the upcoming weeks as it’s definitely been my favourite room to do interiors research for! I’ve seen so many cute decorative things which quite frankly, if I bought everything that I liked, the room would look insane. Plus, we don’t have masses of wall space to work with so I’ll have to be selective. But expect lots of inspiration posts coming this way!

Next on our list for the room though is storage. At the moment, all the furniture is just buried under baby girl clothes, and I think you’ll agree I need to get it organised!

nursery furniture 07 nursery furniture 08 nursery furniture 09

  • How exciting! We’ve been looking at nursery furniture too! It’s so annoying how expensive much of it is, especially changing dressers which are, essentially, just a drawer unit with a fancy top!! Yours looks fab though – inspires me to pull out our proverbial fingers. Just gotta paint the room first; it’s still in a bare plaster state! Hope you’re feeling well. x

    • KarenAnita

      I’m feeling wonderful thanks 🙂 And oh I sure feel your pain when it comes to nursery shopping! I think we were actually looking for about 2-3 months. Loads we liked. Very few that fitted. And even fewer that I thought were reasonably priced. They sure know how to make becoming a mum expensive! We felt the same way about a dresser which is why I’m glad the changing unit is detachable – so one day it will just be a lovely chest of drawers. Can’t wait to see what you do for your little girl! The plaster stage is exciting because the next step is decorating yippee xxx

  • Oh it’s so lovely Kaz! I love that blue colour and the grey carpet. William still has a green and yellow affair in this house, but I’m thinking grey and white next time? With lots of bright colours in there to liven it up. We have the same baby monitor! Is that a sad thing to get excited about? Oh and this might seem strange but, I still have those tiny dinosaur shoes somewhere. Bill wore them a few times, but dinky babies never seem to wear-down their shoes, so if Baby Girl would like them (I know you said that you’d want them for your baby one day) I will post them on. Not just second-hand shoes mind. I’ll get you both something else too. xx

    • KarenAnita

      Thanks Char! I personally love the grey and white combo myself. And kid’s accessories are so bright, it’s hardly going to be a dull room. VERY nearly did the same myself but picked blue completely spontaneously! Need to get myself some pink stuff STAT haha

      The baby monitor was a steal. Half price on Argos, and we had a £10 voucher from Emma’s Diary. And we could use Nectar Points so we hardly paid for it! I do love a bargain.

      And thanks so much, that’s really nice of you! They were too cute. Don’t worry if you want to keep them a keepsake though. They were my gift to Will. Hope he got some good use out of them 🙂 xx

  • Angela

    I’m just so excited specially after seeing her little face on the scan this weekend x

    • KarenAnita

      She is very excited to meet her nana 🙂 x

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