The Next Room On Our List… A NURSERY!

That’s right, after 8 years together, 1 year of marriage, almost 3 years of home ownership, and a whole lot of pretending to know what we’re talking about when it comes to DIY, our next adventure is about to begin.

I am pregnant.

As I’m writing this, I’m past the 12 week mark – the point where they say rate of miscarriage greatly reduces, high fives all round! – And I have had my first scan which was seriously SO exciting!

It’s true, it takes me about a fortnight to reply to text messages these days. I am just horrendous at replying to my e-mails. Twitter & Facebook? Forget it. I have also been a terrible blogger. So I’m just sorry all around to everyone who I may have ignored. I promise it wasn’t intentional, but it’s been a pretty hectic household this past few months and nothing had been quite as good as an early night.


They say that in the third trimester, despite a woman’s size (cue panic attack at how massive I’m going to get) as well as her excessive tiredness, mums-to-be still find the time and energy to scrub the house down. From top to bottom. They call this nesting, apparently. (Go easy on me, I still have a lot to learn!)

Well, the third trimester feels a far away notion right now, but I think the idea hit Joe as soon as he heard the good news.

Technically and biologically speaking, it wasn’t even a foetus yet when I told Joe, and within 1 week he had rearranged every single room upstairs to maximise space, called 3 plasterers to get a move on with our remaining rooms which have walls falling down, and bought me my pre-natal vitamins. (He will be such a good dad!)

At this point in March, we were just about getting around to the idea of having a finished kitchen. The floor wasn’t in yet, and we were considering getting the box bedroom/office decorated over the summer so we can finally unpack our filing properly. After all, we had the carpet, underlay and paint all in the loft ready to go! We just needed the walls to be finished. Well, it’s looking more likely that Bedroom 2 will now become a guest bedroom/office, and Bedroom 3 will become the nursery.

So it’s a change of plan, but one I’m excited about.

After what feels like forever, living in dust, living in brickwork, and living in a state of ‘starting from scratch’, during the first trimester we’ve been working hard to get a bloody move on! Obviously we didn’t want to live like this forever, and it was always the intention that this home wasn’t just for Joe and I. But we’ve always had something else take priority. Initially, the bathroom (washing is pretty essential), then came the wedding, and then the kitchen.

Now, the baby will be number 1.

The house must be safe long before their arrival. And so, we’re on a deadline: November.

I would love to have the nursery finished during trimester 2 and if we keep going at our current pace, we should be able to make that happen. I’ve been cooing over Twinkle Twinkle themed nurseries on Pinterest as you can see below, but we haven’t decided yet on a theme. So I’m off to look at more cute pictures and get some ideas. I hope you’re excited to follow us on a new adventure!

But first, I’m off for a snooze…

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