Joe Reviews: DickiesStore Workwear

Joe Reviews: DickiesStore Workwear

Joe is a really hard worker. He is. But if there’s one thing he’s not magnificent at, it’s keeping tidy as he goes along. (Sorry to say I’m no better either!)

He’s also notorious for working on the house in his best clothes. I’ve mentioned it a few times already on here. Doing the lawn in the shoes I bought him for his birthday which will now forever be green. Painting the kitchen in his designer jeans and his favourite shirt of our hockey team. It’s a running joke in this house, and slowly but surely he’s run out of ‘nice’ clothes and his ‘workwear’ pile has increased. I think there’s a correlation between the two but Joe disagrees. Please see Exhibit A below when he painted the kitchen (a smashing job though, dear!).

paint kitchen white 04

With us rearranging the entire upstairs lately, we’ve needed to clear out a lot of stuff, so when DickiesStore asked if Joe would like to give some clothes a try, I was happy to speak on his behalf and say YES PLEASE. Joe could finally get some proper clothes for the DIY, and we could get rid of a load of unnecessary paint-ridden wardrobe waste of spaces.

Joe picked the Dickies Redhawk Super Work Wear Trousers. I wanted to really put these to the test so at the point of these picture being taken, Joe had done basecoat bedroom painting, re-assembled wardrobes, re-turfed some of our lawn, removed a concrete slab from our pantry (all these I will be blogging soon!). Needless to say, he’s been busy. Really busy. And these are no tidy tasks. They involve splashes, mud, dust and just general muck and grime. He was back to garden work at the time of this ‘photoshoot’ and I think you’ll agree they’ve held up really well! (And you can also see Joe taking the word ‘photoshoot’ very seriously haha)

dickies workwear 01 dickies workwear 02 dickies workwear 03

But enough from me, it’s time to hear from the man himself. Joe says:

“They’re really comfortable. I’m a tall guy so sometimes my jeans just don’t give me the flexibility I need when doing things in the garden. I love the combat pockets and I’m always leaving tools, nails and tape measures around the house so it’s good that there are attachments for a utility belt if you need one. I think they’re just generally great for rough work around the house and I’ve used them in the rain and the heat. For me the only thing I would love for them to have would be detachable legs to turn them into shorts because I’m a sucker for shorts. But maybe I’ll just get the shorts as well as they’re tough pants.”

Looks like I’ll be dusting off the credit card! But at only £16, it’s cheaper than replacing his designer clothes. Really good value and saves me from additional laundry. Thanks Dickies!

dickies workwear 04

*The products reviewed here were provided by Dickies Workwear for the purpose of this post, but all opinions mentioned here are completely my own. I don’t endorse rubbish. These pants are top banana. You can read my full disclaimer here.