Year of the Doors

Year of the Doors

doors 05

I claimed back in January, that 2014 would mark the year of the door for us. Well, I didn’t know it at the time but within the month we were the proud new owners of internal doors to replace all of our old ones.

Whilst I think there is a lot of quality in original doors of a house, sadly this just wasn’t the case for ours anymore. The poor things had just become quite shabby. They had been hacked, flooded, dented and more over the 2 years we’ve lived here, and as they were made of what can only be described as woodchip, we wanted something just a tad more modern.

Joe’s parents one weekend took us to a door warehouse that I would never have known existed. If you’re in Manchester I’d recommend giving it a shout (get in touch if you want the address!)

door 01

doors 02

They sell doors which have either been discontinued in some manner or didn’t quite pass quality assurance in the manufacturing line. Whilst that sounds like it could be rubbish, it also means that if a door has just a slight mark on it, they weren’t able to sell it as ‘new’ and so it ends up at places like this. As we’re going to paint/stain ours anyway, small defects weren’t an issue and there was opportunity for some real bargains. And seriously, this little warehouse was packed with doors – all kinds.

doors 03

The style we liked included a beautiful oak door with a horizontal pane of glass running through. The glass really helps the light from the kitchen to bounce around the entire downstairs. The grooves in the wood make it slightly different to anything I’ve seen and I think they just look so neat. We’ve got 3 of these downstairs now, and as your eye follows through the glass rather than stopping at the door, it makes the floor space look larger.

There are slight imperfections in the wood and that’s about it, meaning we could have them for less than 50% of the original retail price buying them elsewhere. We’re going to stain them soon – probably a very similar colour to what they currently are – just for protection and to give them a more even finish to hide those small imperfections, of which I can only see 2, yippee.

We bought chrome handles to match throughout the whole house, and I think they’re a little bit lush.

(And yes, one day I’m hoping my pictures won’t have backgrounds full of laundry and storage – sorry, this is just reality!)

doors 09

doors 08

doors 10

doors 07

You may notice, apart from our messy hallway which we’re hoping to finally decorate this summer, that we haven’t removed the plastic off the glass panels yet. I cannot WAIT to take this off!! It’s like taking it off your mobile phone for the first time. Joe insists I wait until our hallway is plastered though. Nooooooo! I suppose we’ve got to be sensible sometimes…

As for upstairs, we went for pine panelled doors. What’s nice is that they were all new from what we can tell. No issues whatsoever. And we’re planning on painting these in white to match the bathroom door. 

doors 04

doors 06

Again, please excuse the hallway. We still don’t exactly have proper walls or floors in there!

Sure it’s just a bunch of doors, but here we are, another step closer to making our home look less like a jumble sale. And that’s just fine by me.

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

  • Angela

    I love the downstairs doors x

  • I used to have a flat with the most beautiful doors. But they’d been hammered over the years. I went to replace them but then realised they weren’t standard size, they were extra wide. The doors were solid wood and to replace them like for like would have cost me a small fortune. My parents told me to take them to our local wood people who dipped them, stripped them and gave them some TLC. It cost me about £100 for the two, but that was fine in comparison to buying new ones. I loved those doors. I became slightly obsessed by them. But then I moved. Sigh 🙂

    • Oops. Sorry, went on one there didn’t I! Nice doors!

    • Karen

      Thanks Claire! Oh I know exactly how you feel! Ours were a funny size as well so we just went with the closest we could find and then had a joiner make them fit haha Worked a treat! Love that you managed to rectify your old doors though. Shame you couldn’t take them with you! x

  • Oh they are just fabulous, what a find! Love the downstairs pair with the glass, and I’d be itching to take of the plastic too! 🙂 Thanks for joining in again #LoveYourHome

    • Karen

      Thanks so much Jen! I’m absolutely itching to take off that darn plastic haha I don’t think I can wait any longer! x

  • Ali Camden-Smith

    I love my bathroom because of the door, so lets not under rate the benefits of a good door 😉

    Most of our doors are original and have been stripped back. The kitchen door isn’t and we are going to be making our more open plan ‘middle room’ back into a room. So I will be on the hunt for two new/old doors!!!

    Came over via Jen’s blog, not that I got my act together to do anything to link up but thought I stop by anyway x

    P.S Your doors look fab!

    • Karen

      Thanks Ali! You’re so right, they may not be the first thing you think of when decorating but they can really make a difference, can’t they? 🙂