Bank Holiday Tree Trimming – With A Twist

Bank Holiday Tree Trimming – With A Twist

One of the primary reasons we have had any progress on this house over the past 2 and a bit years is due to Joe’s constant hard work.

He’s so much more pro-active than me when it comes to getting stuff done and it’s one of the many many reasons I consider myself lucky to have him as a husband. Aww, soppy right?

He always makes me laugh with funny ways of doing things, and I think I know where he gets it from – his dad.

Peter is my father-in-law and is the other reason any progress has happened on our home. Whether that’s from sacrificing his weekend to do some DIY for us, or just giving Joe some advice when we don’t have a clue what we’re doing! ….which is admittedly most of the time.

Whilst other blogs provide tutorials and how-tos, which I love to read, I don’t feel I have the same to offer. But if there is one thing that makes my Joey stand out amongst the crowd, it’s doing things differently, with heaps of creativity.

We had a bank holiday weekend this month and decided that as the sun was out, it was high time the trees at the back of our garden got a trim, for the first time this year. Out came the step ladder and some trimmers but it’s a really high tree. You know how the boys decided to reach? We have some architrave ready for when our 3rd bedroom is ready for it. So Peter taped it to the end of the garden shears and voila, you have extra long handles on your cutters. Now that is what I call DIY.

Hope everyone else had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

gardening 01 gardening 02

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  • Angela

    So funny xx

  • Sam

    Brilliant! Creativity is the way forward! X