The Kitchen Floor Delivery – Now Available on CCTV

The Kitchen Floor Delivery – Now Available on CCTV

I have spoken really fondly on this blog about an array of companies. I am super happy to talk about them. When I receive good customer experience I want to spread the word. After all, it’s so hard to find good service, and the more people shout about them, the easier it is to find.


I also think it’s only right to talk honestly and fairly about those that haven’t delivered too. Not just for the sake of slagging them off. But to improve their service, and let others know what they’re in for, just in case.

Here is what happened with our kitchen floor…

After being indecisive for ages – as per usual – we finally found a lovely floor from Discount Flooring Depot. We chose a luxury chrome arosa oak. As that doesn’t mean much to a normal person, it’s a laminate with grooving to make it look like real wood, and we picked a beautiful deep grey colour with a hint of blue within the grain which will go perfectly with both our blue theme and the grey oak worktops.

The first hurdle was delivery. The initial delivery driver rang me from a blocked number and as I was in a meeting at work, didn’t answer. The intention was that they would call Joe, not me, as he works around the corner from our house, meaning we could get home in time for delivery. It turns out, they sent me an e-mail giving me just over 9 minutes to get to the house or be charged double for re-delivery. Not the greatest start. And I don’t take kindly to threats.

After numerous phone calls, being passed via too many disinterested customer service reps, and being labelled ‘unprepared’ by cheeky staff, we finally got a second delivery attempt. This time, Joe was home and ready.

But wait, the floors were falling apart! Not only that, but the delivery man whacked the flooring against our fence whilst unloading it off the truck, shattering the edging of the floor making it unusable. The delivery man pleaded ignorance and we were left arguing with the customer service reps yet again who claimed that we were lying. We were also told – which I still can’t quite believe – that upon delivery we should have opened the flooring to check it before accepting it. However, their small print states that any flooring which is opened is non-refundable. Convenient eh?

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After being calling a liar, Joe remembered a task we’d taken on the house lately. Some of you may recall that our ferrets were stolen not that long ago (don’t worry, our furry critters are home and being their hilarious selves safe and sound). This pushed us to do something to the house we’d been meaning to do for a long long time but never got around to prioritising: Installing CCTV.

We don’t live in a bad area by any means, but it can reduce your house insurance and after that shake up I just feel safer knowing I have eyes on our house at all time. After all, it’s our life. It’s our biggest investment ever. Why wouldn’t we protect it by all means?

Thank GOODNESS we did. CCTV showed the delivery man bashing our flooring just as we stated he did, and we finally received a replacement flooring the week later, after embarrassed reps had to accept defeat.


The floor itself  I love. I really really think we made a great choice. It was also a good deal. I’m happy to say that it’s a good quality floor and we got it for a great price.

But was it worth the hours of arguing down the phone with a terrible customer service team and being called a liar? I’m not sure. And who loses out in the end? They do. We still have half of our house that needs flooring and I certainly won’t be going there again.

Onwards and upwards though… I’ve got a cheerier post coming next, where I’ll put this behind me and show you the floor itself.


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  • I completely agree, as great as it is to hear about good companies, it is really only fair to hear about the bad ones, too. After all, you can only improve when you that things aren’t working as they should. Definitely won’t be ordering our new flooring there anytime soon, though!

    • Karen

      Thanks Christine! I know, it’s a real shame, but similar to the experience you had with your plasterer I suppose, I’d want to know if I was about to use someone so unprofessional x

  • Eve

    What absolute twats – glad you’ve named and shamed them Kaz! Howevs, your floor looks lovely – I can’t wait to see the finished look! 🙂

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters | A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

    • Karen

      Thanks ladies! Yeah it was a rubbish experience but it’s all done now, so fully relieved. Hooray flooring! x

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  • Well done you for warning us about this company. They sound dreadful.

    • Karen

      Thanks Emma! I don’t like being negative about brands but it wasn’t the best first experience! Hope they learn from their mistakes. Thanks for commenting 🙂