We won Wedding of the Year 2013!

We won Wedding of the Year 2013!


Today marks mine and Joe’s first wedding anniversary. We made it! High fives all around 🙂

I can’t quite believe it’s been an entire year. It really does only feel like yesterday when I was having my hair carefully put into curls and anxiously peeking out of my suite’s window to see if Joe and his groomsmen had arrived yet.

Apart from being a simply amazing year in which we finally built and decorated our kitchen, finally had a holiday, and adopted 2 very cute ferrets, it was also a time during which we won Wedding of the Year 2013 from Your Manchester Wedding magazine.

As winners, we were given a 2 night stay in Rookery Hall, which just so happens to be where we got married. We won complimentary spa treatments, 3 course dinners, afternoon tea, and a double page spread in the magazine itself.

We’ve just got back from our stay and it was incredible. Apart from having the weekend off from housework, it was also a welcome reminder of the great day we had with our family and friends. Thanks again, so so much, to every single person that voted for us in that competition. We’re chuffed to bits and really grateful.

Here’s to many more years, and maybe one anniversary we will celebrate in a finished house! 🙂