Hanging Our Rob Ryan China Plates

Hanging Our Rob Ryan China Plates

rob ryan plate 01

I’m so excited to finally share this on my blog, at long last. In April 2013, one particularly amazing wedding present Joe and I received was from one of our ushers, Boozy.

It’s a set of Rob Ryan china plates, and I absolutely adore them. For a number of reasons really.
1. They look beautiful. Seriously, they’re friggin’ sweet.
2. They are sentimental which I superduper love.
3. They use space and planets as a metaphor. This pleases me greatly as a bit of an astronomy geek.

rob ryan plate 06

rob ryan plate 03

(GAH HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE?! “For you are my universe and I will be yours” – Rob Ryan, you are adorable.)

As with most of our belongings, including anything we received from our wedding, it’s all been in storage whilst the kitchen was getting a makeover. Partly because we didn’t know what to do with most of it at the time, but also to keep them safe whilst downstairs was in destruction mode.

We’ve slowly started unpacking the stored boxes this month (sorry if you find that I’m posting about it ALL THE TIME. I’m just abnormally giddy about the whole unpacking situation), and as we are decorating the kitchen with blue accents, what better use for the plates than for the kitchen display?

We’ve chosen to display them over the back kitchen window, meaning they are visible no matter which side of our L-shaped kitchen you are in, and they are also the first thing you see when you walk into the house. They add such a pop of colour to this side of the room.

Not just that, but they tell a story. Sadly it wasn’t until after I took the pictures that I realised there is an order to them being placed, and it’s actually based around the seasons. So, the sequencing in the imaging is wrong. OOPS! You forgive me though, right?

We hung them using traditional plate hangers in white. We bought these ones here from B&Q. They have springs on the back to adapt to the size of your plates. I’ve read about adhesive alternatives for hanging plates, which are just as inexpensive at about £2 each, but as these plates are so precious to us, I much prefer the fact that they’re held firmly, rather than stuck on with a moisture-responsive sticky backing. I wouldn’t want to risk them falling.

They’re not completely flat to the wall but they’re pretty close. Pretty unnoticeable being positioned high up above the window.

So, in a very long winded way, this is me showing you one of the latest additions to the kitchen, which so cutely tie in the outdoors of the garden through the window, and the blue patterned versions of nature from inside. Aren’t they lovely?

Thanks again to Boozy for the unbelievably thoughtful wedding gift, even if it did take us almost a year to open it!

rob ryan plate 05

rob ryan plate 04

rob ryan plate 02

rob ryan plate 07

  • What a lovely lovely wedding present. I ADORE Rob Ryan so am a touch jealous! If you’re ever in London make sure you head to Columbia Rd where RyanTown is – so lovely.

    • Karen

      Oooo fab tip! My best friend lives in London so I’m there a few times a year. Will absolutely put this on my to-do list for my next visit. Thanks! xx

      • There’s a couple of cool homeware shops there, amongst some other gems (including a vintage jewellery shop where I got my wedding stuff!). But you have to go on a Sunday which is the flower market and that’s when everything is open. You can then walk back down Brick Lane…..it’s all good! x

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