The Drunken Waiter AKA Our New Wine Rack

The Drunken Waiter AKA Our New Wine Rack

metal wine rack 01

Joe and I are wine lovers.

It’s no secret. In fact, this wasn’t always the case and I remember a time when Joe wouldn’t drink wine and there’d be more for me! Those were the days…

We received a gorgeous metal wine rack a few years back as a Christmas present when we rented our first flat together. It stood tall on the ground, and could fit a whopping 12 bottles of wine in it. We adored it and remember how grown up it made us feel as we planned to fill it up. But there was one major flaw with this. To have a 12 bottle wine rack, you need to always have 12 bottles in stock for it to avoid looking all sad and empty! I’m sorry to say we never achieved its ‘full’ status. Wine never made it long from the supermarket to the rack. More often than not it was fast-tracked straight to the fridge…

Without sounding like completely boozers, we’ve been looking to get a new rack as the kitchen became finished. After all, pretty much everything else is new! One that wasn’t quite so large. But we did like the metal style of our last rack. Well, we’ve found our replacement.

metal wine rack 02

metal wine rack 03

metal wine rack 04

I love the detailing on our new addition, which is the Artisan Avenue cast iron wine and bottle holder from Black Country Metalworks. It was fitted to the wall in about 5 minutes by Joe, with just a couple of raw plugs and it just fits so well with the room. The metal is quite rustic which I adore, and although our kitchen is generally pretty bright and modern, the worktops are a “rustic grey” – almost pastel in colour – meaning we can get away with any ornaments really!

It’s a lovely feature, and the first to be added to the dining area of our kitchen. So what if we don’t have a dining table yet. We have wine, so we can at least distract guests so they don’t notice there is nowhere to sit yet, am I right?

The arms (don’t know if I’m using the right terminology here but let’s go with it) have heart shaping on the end of each one, and when I don’t have my glasses on – because I’m blind as a bat these days – to me it looks like a little waiter with heart shaped mittens on, who is always carrying my bottles of wine. Is that mental? I don’t mind. It just makes me love it even more.

What do you think? By the way, it was a total accident that I picked out a blue-topped bottle of Pinot to match the walls. Sometimes I’m so trendy, I don’t even know it!

metal wine rack 05

*This item was gifted for the purpose of review, but all opinions are completely my own and I wouldn’t have something in my new kitchen if I didn’t absolutely love it. You can read my full disclaimer here.