DIY, Decorating & Dancing: A Disco 3 Review

DIY, Decorating & Dancing: A Disco 3 Review

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but our kitchen is finished! Along the way, it’s been messy, it’s been stressful and it’s taken time.

And I tell you what, decorating and all that goes along with it can get boring. It really can. So much of it is just not what you’d find on the other interiors blogs you’ll read, simply because it’s just not that interesting! It’s the cleaning. The constant dusting. The waiting for things to dry. Waiting for things to be signed off. And there is something that has helped our builder, my lovely uncle Chris, to keep occupied.

Disco3 03

I was asked to review the Supertooth Disco 3 speaker a while ago and it’s now officially one of my favourite items in the new kitchen.

Through the numerous builders, DIY family members and brickies we’ve had in the house over the past 2 years, they’ve all had something in common for when they work. No, not a brew addiction, although that has been there! It’s music while they work. Mostly using their phones or a well and truly battered plaster-covered stereo. Well, we’re living in a new era lads.

The Disco 3 is essentially a speaker which streams from any Bluetooth device. So rather than needing to bring anything, Chris just synced his phone with the speaker, and got much better quality of music. We’ve all been there listening to a song on your phone’s speaker, and it just sounds awful, doesn’t it?

And since then, I’ve had chance to test it myself too, after it received the builder’s seal of approval. I’ll be spending a lot more time in the kitchen now that it’s finished, so last week I dragged along the husband and sister, and we made pizzas from scratch as well as some cookies. Joe synced up his iPhone with the Disco (although sadly, Joe has no actual interest in disco music…) and we boogied away whilst we baked.

The sound quality really is good, considering how compact it is. And I’m also happy to say it worked swimmingly with my Nexus 5 too, as I’ve binned off the iPhone.

As I’m starting to cook a lot more now, and not just because I have to but because I enjoy it, I’m loving listening to my audiobooks and playlists (I’m currently making a cooking playlist – how exciting) Naturally, I want to be able to hear those over noises like extractor fans, which your phone speaker just can’t compete with.

The colour of the speaker is nice in Clay, the one pictured. It’s like a green-tinted grey, and actually very similar to our kitchen cupboards! My personal favourite from the collection though is their deep blue, but that’s just because it’s the colour I’m soon to be decorating with! The fact that the Disco3 comes in different colours at all is a welcome change from your standard black or silver kitchen radio and means you can really co-ordinate it to your style.

Other bonuses include its long lasting charge, and lack of batteries. I’ve had bluetooth speakers before and they ran on batteries which I can’t stand. They’re wasteful and expensive.

It’s also a good price. At £59 – available from John Lewis – I think it’s a cracking buy. You can see their full range on the official site though

Joe and I have trawled through John Lewis and were only looking at speakers back in December, some of which reached well over £100 which is just too expensive for this household. The Disco 3 is a simple product, but does the job well. I’m looking forward to putting together my cooking playlist, so suggestions welcome! Full kitchen pictures coming next week!

disco3 01

disco3 05

disco3 04


*This item was gifted for the purpose of review but all opinions are 100% my own. You can read more in my disclaimer.