Crack Open The Bubbly;The Kitchen Is Finished!!

Crack Open The Bubbly;The Kitchen Is Finished!!

finished kitchen 01

Last Thursday, something monumental happened.

After 6 long months of construction. After 2 years of saving and waiting, albeit a little impatiently. After a lot of money. Our kitchen is finished!!!

Now, we are still picking a floor and dining table, but as far as the extension, any building work, and having our entire kitchen fitted…well, it’s all done and dusted, baby! We’ve even had the walls tiled with a white brick and grey grout. Class, class, all the way!

I’ll be taking some lovely pictures to share with you all this week because, y’know, it’s been a bit dusty around here lately…

So to mark the occasion, Joe and I opened a bottle of bubbly. Now, I don’t know who gave it to us (sorry) and I really don’t know anything about Champagne. What I can tell you, is that we saved it for over a year.

When we declared that 2013 we would get the kitchen project started, we popped it to one side, ready and waiting for the day that the kitchen was officially ticked off the list. At some points over the year, it has been the one and only thing in our fridge. Which makes me look a little bit of a lush doesn’t it…

It’s been waiting.

Until now.

On Thursday, Joe and I toasted using this bottle of bubbly. We toasted to our kitchen and to the memories we would create within it.

Thanks to everyone who stuck along for the journey; whether you were a reader of this blog, or someone who has had to put up with Joe and I moaning in real life!

I’m looking forward to the next chapters of this story: Decorating & Family. Cheers everyone! *clink*

finished kitchen 02

finished kitchen 03