Kitchen Update: A Blank Canvas

Kitchen Update: A Blank Canvas

paint kitchen white 01

It’s been a long time coming, but all of the walls in the kitchen are now actual walls! I’m not talking bricks. Or plaster board. The entire room has now been completely rebuilt and plastered.

Okay, there is still one wall to go, but it’s the walkway between the lounge and kitchen and is currently being built so bear with me…

As for the actual innards of the kitchen, it’s done! If you want to get a scope of the size of the extension. You see the image above? See the worktop on the right next to the door? That’s where our old kitchen ended. We’ve added a nice little chunk onto back of the house, and I’m excited to actually USE IT!

So one weekend recently, I was feeling sorry for myself after suffering with the flu (woe is me!) and was a little bit useless snoozing upstairs. Joe to the rescue, decided to paint the entire kitchen white whilst he had some free time. (He’s a keeper, am I right?)

I’m not sure I want it to be white forever. We’re definitely having a blue feature wall in the dining area, and there will be white bricked tiles with grey grout (classy or what?) around the work surfaces to create a splashback area. But as for the rest of the walls, I’m not sure yet. There is something about white walls which, to me, looks a little unfinished. I’m thinking a slight off-white might make me feel more at home. Ideas welcome in the comments for colours!

But for now we needed a base coat, and Joe’s done a great job.

I’d like to say that the plug sockets made it out alive, as in most of our house, the sockets are covered in paint. Joe used masking tape this time but they don’t seem to survived Joe’s ‘freestyle’  method of painting. Oh well! (Neither did his t-shirt by the looks of it…)

The floor got well and truly covered, in true tradition as to the way we’ve painted all other rooms. But hey, it’s looking so much fresher. And the kitchen flooring is next on our list to purchase anyway. The sink remains untouched thanks to Joe’s ingenious idea to cover it with a Sainsbury’s bag.

These images make the room look so very neutral but the pops of colour really come through when you see all the decorations I’ve got boxed up ready to display soon. I can’t wait to show you.

paint kitchen white 04

paint kitchen white 02

paint kitchen white 0   paint kitchen white 03