My Orange Dresser – Upcyclying with Annie Sloan

My Orange Dresser – Upcyclying with Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Dresser 01

Back in October, I bought a dresser off eBay. At just over £50 I think it was a bit of a bargain. Particularly when the comparable versions I’ve seen brand new in furniture stores run into the hundreds of pounds.

I loved its detailing and personality – something our lounge really lacked in its confused state between flat-pack lifeless furniture and temporary storage space.

It was destined to become our bar. And whilst I’ve always been a fan of darker furniture, on this occasion the poor battered dresser needed some TLC, so I figured a bright lick of colour would do the trick.

So I picked Arles by Annie Sloan. You can read my thoughts on this paint here.

I painted the dresser 3 times. Yup, that’s how many coats it took, and equated to the entire tin. I also gave it a few coats of wax to protect the surface (trust me, it needs it – this bar is going to be getting a lot of use!) Then I spray painted the metal fixtures in black as they too were looking a little tired after what appears to be a few years of deterioration. We used Plasti-Kote in Super Satin and it was done in all of 3 seconds on a bit of newspaper in the spare bedroom. Easy peasy.


Annie Sloan Arles

This process, whilst simple (and loads of fun, as I got to watch so much on Netflix at the same time) took me about 4 months in total, simply because of the ongoing kitchen renovations. For so long, the dresser was hidden under kitchen units and mounds of tools. But then it moved to the lounge for a sanding. To the hallway for its first coat. To the bottom of the stairs for another. And upstairs in our spare bedroom for its final coat and an initial wax. It really has made its way around the house and feels like we’ve had it forever!

Re-assembling it was the most fun. Joe was really getting excited to see the finished result. The ferrets were jumping all over it as they sniffed out the new addition. And I was just keeping my fingers crossed that it looked half decent  – after all, it was my first attempt at anything crafty for the house!

And here are a few close ups…

Annie Sloan Dresser 02

Annie Sloan Dresser 03

Annie Sloan Dresser 04

Annie Sloan Dresser 06

Annie Sloan Dresser 05
What do you think?

I really love how the dresser changes colour throughout the day. We have a variety of yellow-hued lighting in the lounge and blue-shaded lighting coming from the kitchen. Not to mention pourings of natural light from windows galore downstairs. This means in the evening it looks a darker orange, deep and rich to match the cosyness we want to accomplish in our lounge. And during the natural daylight hours, it reverts to a more pastel, less garish finish.

You may noticed I’ve not actually dressed it up yet although trust me, there is quite a hefty amount of booze that can fit into those cupboards. I’ll do another update when it’s all decorated with pretty ornaments and special glasses. First though, I’m going to pour Joe and I a drink…

Annie Sloan Dresser 07

I party with Remodelaholic

  • It looks lovely! Good choice in colour. I have painted and varnished our dining table in a light green colour and had difficulty with the varnish – parts went slightly brown!?
    Another weird coincidence – we have an almost identical dresser. Mine doesn’t have the little glass doors on though and may be slightly smaller. I have not yet painted mine as I’m really indecisive about colours so it’s still the original dark wood. We too also store our alcohol in there!

    • Karen

      Thank you Claire 🙂
      I’ve not had any experience with varnish yet, but you should do a write up when you do, I’d love to read it! xx

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  • Kaz it looks absolutely brilliant – well done you! Can’t wait to see what it looks like stocked full of rum 🙂

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

    • Karen

      Thanks ladies!
      Oh it is getting stocked up fast haha Just need to get organised and choose wisely on what to display! xx

  • I miss the “like” button. LIKE! 🙂

    • Karen

      Haha sorry about that! So glad you like it though!! 🙂 Took me bloody ages lol x

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