The writings on the wall

The writings on the wall

Whilst doodles all over your house walls may be something only parents with young children can usually relate to, it’s something I too am familiar with.

As we have planned to re-plaster every single wall in our house, you could say we’ve gone through all the colour stages of wall-dom.

Mustard yellow: 70 year old cracked plaster, stained from years of neglect and rotten residue wallpaper paste.
Red: Back to brick.
Grey: Plasterboard.
Terracotta: Plastered.
White: First lick of paint.

With this in mind, knowing full well that the walls would at some point be touched up or completely replaced, I often find scribblings on the wall when I come home from work from when the boys have been hard at the DIY game. Whether it’s been a message to the plasterer, or a reminder of an important measurement.

These 2 made me laugh though and I thought it would be fun to share.

writings on the wall 03 (2)

writings on the wall 02 (2)

For those who have read my blog for a while, you may remember back when we bought the house, one of our first tasks was to install some heating! We added a full central heating system, which involved digging into all the walls for piping. Needless to say it created quite a mess. Soon after, we plastered and painted the lounge, and added some curtains to get the room even toastier! It also served as a place to relax and hibernate whilst the rest of the house was under construction. Funnily enough over time, it’s become the lounge which is our main storage space, but that’s another story for another day.

When Joe came to drill the curtain hooks in, he accidentally drilled straight through our central heating pipes. I won’t go into the whole shebang because you can read about it here, but what IS funny, is that with this very wall now removed, Joe has taken it upon himself to draw on where the pipes are. As as a reminder not to make the same mistakes again, which I think is both too cute, and utterly hilarious.

The second just made me giggle. Just because. They may just be scribblings on a wall, but like the rest of our house, they always tell a story.

writing on the wall 01