Dining Room Dilemmas

Dining Room Dilemmas

Remember all those times I’ve told you that Joe and I are a bit crap indecisive (i.e. all the time!), well here we go again!

In this week’s episode of Joe & Karen can’t make up their bleedin’ mind, we are looking at dining tables.

As the boxes upon boxes of kitchen units and utensils are being unpacked (and I’ll have a kitchen update super soon – we’ve got units in. Let me just let that sink in for a second. WE HAVE ACTUAL UNITS! After 2 years and 5 months without. Not that I’ve been counting…) we’re slowly starting to see a dining area emerge on the extended part of our kitchen-to-be. This was really the main reason we extended at all – for a family dinner table. You can read me chatting on about that here.

The issue we now have is, Joe and I have quite different tastes when it comes to this kind of thing.

Joe loves Oak. And whilst I like it a lot, I’m not wholly convinced it will go with the specific kitchen we’ve gone for. Perhaps I’m wrong! I don’t believe there are always rules when it comes to matching colours. Whatever you think looks best is what I’m all about. After all, you’re the one who has to live it every single day – not a magazine editor dictating the trends you simply “must have” or face utter humiliation by the designer gods. Or something…

So we’ve been window shopping.

I’d love for it to be an extending table so we have the option to host larger family meals in the future. I’d love for it to be sturdy and chunky. And simple. And with fancy chairs. Hmmm, am I being too picky?

But it’s not just about my taste and I want to be fair to Joe, who has so far let me cover our house in moustache memorabilia, more cushions than any human needs, and a lot of hoarded junk that I can’t bear to throw away. Fair is fair.

Here are some of the top picks we’ve chosen individually. What do you think?

Joe’s picks

joe dining table

Karen’s Picks

karen dining table

For the more observant of you, yes Joe has included the Han Solo in Carbonite table (Star Wars for less geeky out there). And sadly, there was no mention of where the other tables were from, so they’re purely there for inspiration. My dining table choices are from Furniture Choice, Made, and eBay. And hey! Isn’t it weird that it’s isn’t me that’s gone for the dark furniture this time around?

I think our problem is, there is so much choice out there.

Either way, the process has kept us distracted when the kitchen progress slowed down again in the beginning of January (it’s gaining speed again now – did I mention we have units?).

I’m hoping we can narrow it down further when we’ve sorted a few final bits on the kitchen, and be in a position – I’m hoping as soon as February/March – to actually buy a table.

Next week on Joe & Karen can’t make up their bleedin’ mind: flooring.