2014: Year of the Door

2014: Year of the Door

Whilst it’s probably a bit late to set a resolution with the shiny promise of a new year attached to it, that doesn’t mean I can’t set goals for our home in 2014.

Last year, I did the same – albeit in February – aiming to get our big kitchen renovation started, at the very least, if not finished. You can read about that here.

Well, if you read my blog regularly, you’ll probably be sick of hearing about that! (SO many updates coming on this which I just haven’t had chance to post yet.) But at least it got done. I can officially tick that one firmly off our list, and setting that goal truly helped us to stay focused and keep pushing forward, determined to accomplish something – so important when you’re living in a house with a million half-finished projects.

So for 2014 one thing I really want to get done is a new front door.

Sure, there is actually a pretty hefty list of what I’d like, but let’s keep things simple.

I went to Berlin in December 2013 with my best friend, Holly. We walked around the Christmas markets, armed with the most fantastic hot chocolates, and I couldn’t help but notice how lovely the grand doors are in the city. It made my sad little front door look wretched upon my return home! See for yourselves some of my faves…

berlin door 01 berlin door 02 berlin door 03 berlin door 04

Our current front door is haggard. It’s interesting to see our street become modernised and it’s really in a state of transition with Joe & I not being the only house in makeover-mode. But it does appear that we are one of the remaining homes with the original front door in.

Here are the main problems with what we curfrently have:

-It’s ugly.
-It lets out heat and makes our hallway officially the coldest room in the house.
-It’s not secure. Being made of glass panels, this is a security problem to me.
-It was damaged when we flooded the downstairs.
-Did I mention that I think it’s ugly?

I’ve talked in the past about what door I’d like to get one day (here). We’d love a composite but it may be a bit unrealistic for us budget-wise. I’d love to have a blue door where possible. I’d love for it to be double-glazed and keep all that heat in.

I don’t know how achievable all of those things are but that’s what we’ll be working on finding out in 2014.

  • We had to have both new back and front doors (I’m yet to blog them!). We went with a composite door at the back (amazeballs despite the cost) and a good old solid wood at the front. We weren’t quite prepared for the difference they would make to the temperature in the house, incredible!

    • Karen

      Aw I’m so glad you’ve said that!
      I am leaning towards a composite. May take us a little longer to save but I’m convinced it’s worth the wait! You should blog yours so I can show Joe and persuade him 😉 xx

      • It’s a deal. I just won’t blog the price. 😉

        • Karen

          Haha brilliant. You’re my new partner in crime 😉 x

  • I sympathise. Our door is sky blue. Its horrid. Ill partner your resolution! Let’s see how we get on….x

    • Karen

      Haha absolutely! It’ll be like when people get fit together to keep motivation going! 🙂 We can do this! x

  • Louie


    Those doors in Berlin are awesome, I love the intricacy of them!

    If you ever need any help or advice regarding a new front door, feel free to email me 🙂 You will be surprised at how much a door can transform your home.

    • Karen

      Thank you Louie 🙂
      Glad you liked them too! I’ll give you a shout when I come to actually making a decision.

  • Well, I have an obvious favourite from that selection of doors! Chez moi! Mon dieu!

    • Karen

      Ah oui oui! haha pardon my terrible European language knowledge. Berlin really is beautiful! 🙂 x

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