The Purple Chair

The Purple Chair

I think only last week I talked about my initial ideas for our spare bedroom inspired by the house across the road, and I think I’ve already changed my mind – ha! Typical. Well, with a few more setbacks on our kitchen, I’ve gotta keep myself occupied, right?

I think when the time comes, I’ll want my sister to have an input in our spare bedroom, rather than me trying to fit in as many styles as humanly possible – with Joe’s addition of Star Wars memorabilia which appears to be creeping it’s way into all of our rooms! After all, I think she will be the one making the most use of it as a guest. And what can I say? She has probably got better taste than me, but don’t tell her I said that.

My style could probably be described as a little off-beat. I don’t follow trends. I don’t see the point. Especially if you’re decorating for a long-term basis, as we are. I just pick things I like and hope for the best. But Amy – my sister – she decorates classy and feminine, and somehow manages to make it so welcoming to everyone – and isn’t that what a guest room should be after all?

If there was one word I would use to describe Amy’s decorating style, I’d describe it with a colour: purple.

purple chair 02

She lives in a lovely modern new-build flat. I used to live in one myself with Joe, before we bought the house.

We were 2 floors down from Amy and it did us well. With neutral walls and carpets, it’s easy for these rooms to become dull and really ‘vanilla’ but with splashes of purple pretty much everywhere in Amy’s apartment, it looks dynamite, and it’s anything but boring. 

The latest addition is this purple chair.

You’ll have to pardon the grainy images. I’m never home during the light of day anymore so camera phone with yellow lighting it is. Such is life!
purple chair 01

She needed one for doing her makeup, although I think traditionally this particular model from Metro Furniture is a dining chair. As I needed to do a full day of laundry (my washing machine can’t be used right now due to ongoing kitchen pipework) I spent the day at her house and we assembled the chair to add to her growing purple collection. I say we. She did it and I watched as she whizzed through it in 5 minutes. 

Don’t you just love the colour accents? The florals on the storage bins. The warm, deep purples on the bedding and faux flowers. The smooth shine which bounces off the chair. And everything was a bargain. I think the most expensive item was the chair, but at £39, I’d consider that pretty affordable.

I think it’s such a lovely bedroom and I just hope my spare room is as nice when the time comes to getting it ready for decorating in the upcoming months. Even with Darth Vader in there to welcome the guests.

purple chair 03

*The chair was gifted for this blog post by Metro Furniture but the opinions are completely my own, and I genuinely think it’s a lovely item. You can read my full disclaimer here.