Snooping on our neighbours for spare bedroom inspiration

Snooping on our neighbours for spare bedroom inspiration

Two houses on our street have gone up for sale lately.

One of them is next door and it’s empty – not all that dissimilar to how our house was. It will need some serious improvement and I imagine when we get new neighbours we’ll be sharing their home renovation adventure with them.

The other house is across the road. I’ll be really sad to see the family leave as they were so welcoming when we moved onto the street.

What this means for us though, is that we can get a sneaky peak at the inside of those houses as the full details have gone up online. (We’ve done a bit of snooping on our neighbours before which you can read about here. You should try it sometime!)

The house across the road is a-maz-ing. Seriously, I’m so impressed with what they’ve done and it shines an incredible light on the potential we have with our available space.

There were 2 rooms that really stood out to me though.

Firstly, their kitchen. It is stunning – and huge!! Ours is a work in progress as I’m sure you’ll know from me rambling on about it all the time! (sorry!) So seeing theirs – despite it being slightly bigger due to a larger extended area – really gave me some hope for what ours will soon look like. Fingers crossed for a January finish!


The other room that really stood out to me was the second bedroom.

It is decorated for their two young boys so was filled will colourful toys and wall stickers, but wow does it look bigger than our version – despite being the exact same size and layout. That’s one of the beauties about living in an area where each house has the same footprint: so many ideas.

Bedroom 2 in our house has been on my mind a lot lately.

Sure, the kitchen has taken up most of my attention but the rest of the house hasn’t been completely forgotten. It’s been a little bit of a saviour in 2013, too. It’s stored everything that we haven’t had a place for yet, particularly with the kitchen units being stored in every other available space. And although it’s boring (but essential) house jibberish, we genuinely wouldn’t have had anywhere else to hang laundry, house our computer or do the household expenses. You know what I mean, all those tasks that make a home run smoothly.

In 2014 though, I’m looking forward to making it a bedroom again, and filling it with the bedroom furniture it deserves.

It will need re-plastering, as with every other room in our home. It also needs flooring, again like the rest! The 9 foot high wardrobe is really taking up a lot of space. I think soon we’ll want to replace this for a smaller version in order to fit in a sofa bed for our guests and some furniture which will one day belong to our future kids – After all, we’re always thinking long term with our home. It’s never been a quick fixer or a short-term project.

We’ll start by clearing out our clothes early on this year (not the shoes though – never the shoes!) to make the room larger again, and then look into options as to how I can make it into a kickass bedroom for our family and friends. Just another item onto my ever expanding to-do list. But I’m excited for this one.

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