Kitchen Update: Plastering, Missing Units & Smalt Blue

Kitchen Update: Plastering, Missing Units & Smalt Blue

My last update may have made the house look like a damp dungeon, but since then the ceiling and walls have been boarded and plastered, making it look like a complete room again. In actual fact, the first time I walked in and saw it in the light of day over Christmas I thought it looked massive!

Take a sneaky peak at what it looked like after it was plasterboarded…

and then plastered…



There is one corner left to be plastered in the original part of the kitchen but we need to rip out our current sink first. However, we can’t do this until the new sink has been plumbed in. It’s currently waiting in the third bedroom to make it’s grand appearance. It’s all a bit jigsaw-like getting started on fitting the units and really has given me a new found respect for joiners. It’s a tough job.

So like I said, it was the intention to have our brand new swanky sink fitted in before Christmas, but sadly this has been delayed. We breathed massive sighs of relief – prior to the further delays – as this meant it was time to start unpacking the kitchen pieces which have been flooding the house since October. We emptied the lounge of all the units, as well as the hallway and spare bedrooms, and the first task was to check everything was there. You can see how cramped with boxes our lounge was beginning to get…


Chris, my uncle and our joiner, started sifting through the kitchen plans, organising them into their future positions to check they were sized correctly and nothing was missing.

Sadly some items were missing and others were just simply incorrect. You see, when the items were delivered, we squished everything in wherever we could find a place for it to go. We were offered a lot of money off if we ordered in October and we certainly weren’t in a position to say no to a monstrous discount. We were warned in advance that as we were not checking what was being received – with an understanding that it wasn’t yet to be fitted – we may find that a joiner will later identify some items that need changing, which has turned out to be the case. This isn’t a problem as the goods can be exchanged with a good amount of flexibility. The problem is, we’ve been told it’s unlikely it can be done until the warehouses reopen in January.

Oh well. Soon, Karen, soon…

Another slight delay but nothing a bit of patience can’t cure. I think we’re getting good at this waiting malarkey. Also, it’s really exciting to see the units in their future positions even if they’re not fitted in yet.

(p.s the kitchen is actually grey but the pictures look white because these are just the frames.)


In the meantime, as you can tell from the above, we have had the majority of electric sockets as well as the ceiling spotlights put in, which looks lovely. And in the meantime over the Christmas holidays, Joe and I can get the ceiling painted with a basecoat. We’ve picked out the colour we are going to use on the feature wall, and to me, it is stunning. Painting that wall is going to be a big moment for us, and it’s only around the corner. Isn’t it BEAUT? Roll on January!