A Love Affair With Orange – Featuring Annie Sloan, A Shade Wilder & Betta Living

A Love Affair With Orange – Featuring Annie Sloan, A Shade Wilder & Betta Living

Once I’ve made up my mind on a colour, I can’t often let it go, and my latest love affair has been with orange for the lounge.

Although the living room was the first room we really tackled in the house, hoping to create an escape from the renovation elsewhere, the demolition and dust has slowly but surely started to affect the walls and furniture in there over the past 2 years. So as soon as the mucky kitchen work is complete, we can start again. Living room decorating – take 2.

The colour scheme, however, will remain the same for the most part; Warm chocolate browns, deep wooden furniture, and then injecting bright pops of orange to lift the room. So far, we actually don’t have much that’s orange, so I’ve been collecting bits and bobs for when the time comes.

Remember the dresser I bought for £50 off eBay? I’ve started painting that in orange this weekend. I know it’s bright for a dresser, but that’s what I’m going for!

Orange paint

I’ve bought a ton of gorgeous orange tealight candles from Ikea, but sadly they’re just making a drawer somewhere in the house smell incredible, as the lounge has this week become a shell of a room with everything boxed up, as if we’re moving house again – with the lounge wall due to be ripped down within the next week, we’re preparing for additional mess. I have some small soft cushions in a sunburst orange from Primark to go on either end of the long couch, but I was also asked to review a cushion from A Shade Wilder, and when I saw that they had a bright orange one with a Zebra poking out and saying hello (gotta love those monochrome animals) I was excited to add this to my growing ‘orange’ collection.

A Shade Wilder
With so much going on – boxes galore and plastic sheets that make the house look like a scene from Dexter – it’s nice to have a little corner of escape from it all.

It used to be the entire lounge but now it’s just a corner – and that’s just fine by me for now. I have my single leather chair which is older than me, complete with my pile of cushions, and it’s a nice little cosy hub to chill with my laptop and catch up with e-mails away from all the demolition.


I’ve spoken recently of my love of cushions, and how much they make the house a home. For me, this little corner – thanks to items like this Zebra cushion, and the gorgeous lamp in the background available online from Betta Living, although I’m hoping to one day move it to our kitchen – is a saviour when renovating. It’s so important to have somewhere to escape from it all. And as it’s so firm yet squishy, with it’s bright colours, it brings a little bit of comfort when I’m surrounded by brown and beige in the form of dirt and storage.

Actually, they’re offering 20% off the store for orders online before 9th December with the code WONDER20 in case anyone is interested in something similar (they do them in other colours too).

I can’t wait to make it a more pivotal feature for the room. All in good time though, once the kitchen is finished. And then I can move that fabulous lamp to the kitchen too. I can see it now with the overhanging lights over the dining table. Wouldn’t that look awesome?

In the meantime, I’ll be finishing the dresser for the lounge in orange – big reveal coming soon – and trying to find enough orange ornaments to make it feel like we’re living in a tangerine.