Introducing our new fuzzy friends

Introducing our new fuzzy friends

Joe and I are animal lovers.

Alongside the obvious ways of making this house a home – mostly through destruction so far, but one day I’ll get around to blogging about actual decorating  – I also think that pets really make home a better place to be.

When we moved in together, in a lovely little flat almost 4 years ago, we bought 3 pet rats. I know how that sounds to most people, but we’ve always liked to do things a little differently and they were just the nicest animals – friendly, low maintenance and always up for a cuddle. Sadly rats don’t have a long lifespan and when they passed away, we felt something was missing.

I’ve been nagging Joe for another pet ever since, but there has always been a reason not to – the wedding, the renovating…BUT last month was my birthday, and I came home after work to this…

ferret hutch

Joe, along with my sister, had bought the Rose Cottage hutch from Pets at Home, as a go-ahead that we could adopt some ferrets!

Ferrets, like rats, are one of those animals that are completely misunderstood. Yes they bite…unless you train them. Yes they smell…unless you keep them clean. It’s all obvious stuff. Because they have a bad reputation, ferrets are one of the most abandoned and mis-treated animals in the UK – which is what made us adopt some from South Cheshire Ferret Rescue, an amazing shelter for neglected and abused ferrets.

We painted the hutch a lovely green (Cuprinol’s Sage) which will protect it from the elements, and went to pick up our newest additions to the family. Let me introduce you to Scrabble and Bramble!

Ferret sleep ferret treat

They’re both less than a year old, with Bramble still a baby, and we just adore them. They’re so fast, I’ve struggled to get any good pictures  but I’m sure you’ll see them popping up in the background of some of our renovation adventures.

We’ve had them a month now. I’ve managed to fully litter train them, and they’re almost there with nipping. Next, I will lead train them so I can take them for walks – that’s right, I want to be one of those odd people that walks their ferret!

Love love love them.