Construction Update: Sealed walls and imminent spider attacks

Construction Update: Sealed walls and imminent spider attacks

I’ve got an initial admission to make; I’ve been an absolute misery this past week.

I think I’ve just  had one of those weeks when I looked around, without my rose-tinted glasses for a change, and saw how terribly messy our house had become.

With another few delays on the extension, I just felt a little deflated about the whole situation. But, I’ve decided to get out of my slump and think more positively.

My uncle is the builder and his daughter (my cousin, Jasmine) works in Mexico at the moment. She was rushed to hospital for surgery without us knowing why, and naturally, he (and all of us) were worried sick. She had her appendix removed and is in recovery so needless to say we are so relieved, but it did put everything into perspective. The building work could have waited for years for all I care. When things like that come up, I’m happy for it to take the back seat.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait years, and we have had a few progressions over the past fortnight which I don’t think I’ve shared on here yet, so here it goes.

The roof is finished. The tiling has been completed, guttering has been added, and even more amazingly, the kitchen window and French doors are IN! I can’t begin to tell you how much warmer the house has become now that we’re not technically outside anymore – particularly when we were starting to see ice in the kitchen…

Doesn’t it look so much more complete?



extension01 extension02 IMG_0010

The inside is looking a little less polished, but ho hum, it’s getting there!

In fact, you can see the next set of PVC in the form of another kitchen window and another kitchen door – these will go into the side of the kitchen, but that will need to be knocked through first. (More dust, YAY) I think we’ll need to start evacuating our current kitchen soon. You can also see that the internal wall to the back of our lounge is now being de-bricked in prep for this to be removed and make the downstairs open plan. (Even more dust, SUPERDUPER) Actually, for all I moan about the mess, I don’t mind it so much. What I’m really worried about is all the spiders that are guaranteed to try and attack me after they emerge from the walls. What? That happens right? What a wuss I am.

PicMonkey Collage01 PicMonkey Collage02

We’re expecting things to move quite quickly in the next fortnight so hopefully I’ll have another update soon. Plus, I’m over my misery thanks to Joe getting an amazing promotion (so proud) and my in-laws popped me this adorable plant on the doorstep over the weekend because they knew the building work was getting me down. How thoughtful is that? Love you guys!

Normal happy service now resumed 🙂

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