Out Of The Blue, We Picked A Kitchen Colour

Out Of The Blue, We Picked A Kitchen Colour

We haven’t had much in the way of progress when it comes to the extension lately.

We’re again playing a bit of a waiting game for the final stages of the building work to make it watertight and completely sealed. Joe and I were tempted last weekend to help take down the the walls which currently lie at the back of the kitchen and the lounge. I think it would be so much fun to do a bit of the destruction ourselves. Can you imagine?  But the fact remains that this wall, whilst there are holes in there, is acting as a barrier between us and the outside. So until it’s all fully sealed, up it stays to keep us that tad bit warmer.

Don’t worry, if I get my hands on a sledgehammer, I’ll get some pictures. That’s a moment I won’t want to forget anytime soon. Joe’s got his eye on the haggard sink that came with the house, desperate to rip it out himself. It’ll be a good day when that happens.

With that in mind, we’ve been trying to keep the downstairs organised, and start clearing out the kitchen as much as we can – in prep for moving everything (although I’m not sure where) out of the way from the imminent dangerzone.

But that’s totally boring and not blogworthy. Am I right?

So instead Joe and I have been shopping for how we’re going to decorate the room! Much more interesting. We’ve got our kitchen picked now and in the lounge (and spare bedroom, and hallway and current kitchen) ready to go, so we know categorically that there will be a soft grey colour on the cupboards, a grey oak on the worktops, and we’ve gone for a white composite sink. For me this is enough to work with, and we’ve picked a colour scheme for the rest: a deep blue.

blue kitchen

Table runner from Etsy.
White tiles from Crown Tiles.
Craig and Rose paint in Smalt.
Circle Retro Chair from Lakeland Furniture.
Matching toaster and kettle from Morphy Richards.

I want to paint one feature wall this gorgeous blue colour, keep the kitchen tiles a neutral white and then add pops of the blue around the room with new kitchen accessories. This kettle and toaster are just examples ones I’ve found but even though they are items we’ve already got, they’ve really taken a battering through the renovation. And hey, new kitchen, new start on appliances too. We extended for the purpose of being able to also add a dining table in the same room so I’ve been looking at options. I love these chairs that looks like  a bar stool but are actually dining chairs. I think these would look so nice around a grey oak table to match our worktops, finished off with a blue and white chevron table runner like the one shown above.

Like our colour choice? I can’t wait to go shopping!

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