Pixel Perfect Bathroom

Pixel Perfect Bathroom

pixel flower 01

This is a short but sweet entry today, and it’s a thank you to Joe’s parents for this little gem.

Back in August, I added a pixel flower decoration from Think Geek onto my Office Inspiration post. Truth be told, I’ve had this on my mental wishlist since Joe and I moved into our first flat together – a fair few years ago. I guess I’ve just always had other things to spend money on that have taken priority – the bathroom being one!

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and amongst the gifts I received was this funky flower. I’ve been accumulating enough for the office already and I think I’ve lost track a little bit since it’s all in boxes around the house waiting for the office walls to be finished. So Joe decided it would look best in the bathroom.

Above the toilet is a boring old place isn’t it? And let’s face it, I wasn’t going to put a real plant in there. I’ve tried to keep plants, really I have. They just decide they would rather be dead than exist in my home. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

Luckily, this colourful little beaut is low maintenance – my fave – and it made of foam meaning it isn’t too clunky for the room. And hey, at least it’s jazzed up the loo, am I right?

pixel flower 02

*This post was written in collaboration with DBS Bathrooms. Read my disclaimer here.
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    Really love that!