Construction Update: One nippy night later…

Construction Update: One nippy night later…

So the roofing is almost done for our extension.

The ice may have hit Britain this morning, and boy did we feel it in this household. You see, there’s a bit missing at the back of our house…

Yes that’s right. It’s another construction update! In my last update, I mentioned that the framework of the roof for the extension was well underway. Thankfully, there was just enough dry hours to get the wooden beams fully built and placed, meaning that the sheeting and roof tiles could mostly go on too. I really like the colours of the roofing tiles, and think it looks so Autumnal with the leaves scattered over them. (Leaves might not seem the most attractive attribute when you’re building, but I’m just glad it isn’t bird crap.)


roof 01

roof tiles

The next steps will involve getting the proper guttering in (due to arrive this week) and fit the french doors and kitchen window (also due to arrive any day now! Yippee! ) – from here the extension will be fully sealed. Following this, the interior walls will be ready to be ripped down in preparation to connect the two spaces and make the current kitchen and new extension part of one large kitchen/diner. This will be in addition to pulling down the back wall of the lounge, and installing a connecting door of some kind. Oh, and as these are supporting walls, there will need to be some joists put in to, y’know, make sure the whole house doesn’t come tumbling down like a game of Jenga. They say it gets worse before it gets better…

BUT. What about before then?

To get to this stage, and get the roof beams in securely, we had to start ripping down the current interior kitchen wall a little earlier than intended- Again, I say ‘we’ after actually having very little to do with it. Sod it, I’m taking credit anyway!

In essence, with the extension not yet sealed and a  gaping hole in the back of the house, the house is a bit nippy. Here is the hole which is causing me to wear an extra later anytime I’m in the kitchen (although on the bright side, no need to really use the fridge anymore. Everything freezes in 5 minutes!)

roof 03


And yes, the fridge is now officially smack bang in the middle of the room. We’re seriously running out of space for things!

Now let’s not forget about the mess these bloody bricks make! I am trying to make this work, I really am. But there comes a point where tidying become futile. I’m just accepting that rubble is now a part of our lives, and trying desperately to avoid any cooking in this dangerzone.


brick 01

Below is a bit of insight into our extension now that there is a bit of roofing. The floor is still covered in concrete and leaves, and will be cleared once the mega mess is no more. This floor will eventually be raised and as I’ve said, we’re expecting doors and windows in a matter of days. It’s finally starting to look like a room now that there’s some sort of ceiling. Sure, it still looks like a pile of bricks for the most part, but progress is progress and it’s worth the absolutely freezing living conditions. After all, it’s only temporary. Now, where are my spare gloves?

What do you lot think? Is it starting to come together?