Featured on: The Interiors Addict

Featured on: The Interiors Addict

Today I am posting over on a site I’ve loved for ages: The Interiors Addict.

interiors addict

Jen, the site’s owner, recently got married (go watch her wedding video – it’s so gorgeous) and whilst she’s away on honeymoon (which by the way, I’m so jealous of – I miss my honeymoon!) she opened up her site to others in the interiors/home decorating bloggersphere – including me!

Whilst I know many of her top reads are concerned with stunning interiors featuring luxury wallpaper and quirky decorations, I went back to basics, spoke about what I know, and offered a few tips on how to stay positive when your house is a construction site – something I’m still dealing with on a daily basis whilst our kitchen is being built. Hop on over by clicking here and let me know what you think, and thanks so much to Jen for having me!