House Update: A Roof, More Rubble & A Delivery…

House Update: A Roof, More Rubble & A Delivery…

I haven’t posted a proper house update in a few weeks, so I thought I’d blummin’ well better hop to it as we’ve had a few developments. Let’s start with the construction.

Hello Roof

The brickwork for the extension was completed a few weeks ago, and although we’ll need more doing at a later date (when we knock out a new space for the side door) the current focus is on the roof. As you can hopefully see from the picture below, the structure of the extension roof has begun, and we’re now just waiting for the waterproofing and tiling to get sorted. I’m told it’s a super quick and straightforward job, but sadly, if you’ve been paying attention to the UK weather, it’s been difficult to get a dry day to do this safely. And with the “worst storm in England in a bazillion years” as the news is reporting (well, something along those lines), I can’t see this getting done in the next week to be honest. Oh well, we’re used to delays by now…


Rain construction

Goodbye kitchen hygiene

As I’ve mentioned before, Joe is a bit restless and always sometimes impatient. So, wanting to get a move on with anything kitchen-related task he could, what else to do but grab a sledgehammer or chisel or some sort of destruction device, and he started to remove the mouldy plaster that has for so long been contaminating our kitchen walls. After all, it’s going to all come down eventually, and he might as well do it whilst we’ve got the skip outside of the house.

Well, now we really are living in a pile of rubble. Sadly, Joe ‘forgot’ to remove any of the pots/pans/toaster that were directly underneath said wall – you know, pretty much the only things we have in the kitchen! Down came the rubble onto all of our worldly belongings. It was messy to say the least. Thankfully, he had a helping hand from his cousin Gary in getting rid of the dust, dust and more dust. You’ve still got to wear boots if you want to go in there though…

What do you reckon? Think I can made brick-chic a thing? It’s all the rage right?
kitchen01 kitchen02 kitchen03

Boxed in

The next part I’m both excited and horrified with. We discovered last week that if we bought our kitchen (like, the actual real kitchen, not just bricks and mortar) during October then we’d receive a hefty discount. Unable to really say no, we took the opportunity. We were so excited. When asked about delivery, they offered it the next day. Yup, the very next day.

Now, we have gone for a Howdens kitchen (I’ll be doing a separate post on the range we’ve picked) which arrives in their fully constructed state. No flatpacks. This means, we have got a lot of boxes and huge units. And…they’re mostly in the lounge. Oh and they’re also in the kitchen.And the hallway. And the spare bedroom. We’re officially boxed in! We cleared the lounge ready for the arrival (I think the before and after below really shows how much stuff there is!), but forgot to factor in any potential thunderstorms that may happen at the exact moment of the kitchen’s arrival. Oops!   In addition to the heavens opening at that very moment, we had the skip blocking the driveway so Joe had to remove the garden fence and help to carry all of the units over the concrete posts – including, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Access to our kitchen is now pretty limited, moreso than before, and we are expecting the rest of the kitchen later this week – HELP!

Whilst I’m ecstatically happy that we have a real-life kitchen, it’s not really an ideal living situation – especially when it may be this way for upwards of 2 months. Eeep! But you know what? I’m just so happy we’ve got any form of progress, and hey, I’m sure it will be another of those hilarious stories that we’ll one look back on and giggle uncontrollably.

Later this week, I’ll show you the kitchen. So what if it’s in boxes? I’m EXCITED!

kitchen arrive kitchen boxes kitchen wetkitchen lounge