The Time Has Come, We’ve Picked Our Kitchen

The Time Has Come, We’ve Picked Our Kitchen

I have always been a pretty poor shopper. I get terrible guilt when buying things. So often, I’ll find a nice dress, buy it, and then return it a few days later. Even last weekend whilst browsing the stores with my mum I had to explain to her that I just couldn’t commit to parting ways with a whopping £6 for the black blouse I had my eye on. I’m a poor excuse for a woman! Buyer’s guilt – it’s a killer.

However, we’ve had some developments in my abysmal shopping skills this past week or so.

Check this out. Thanks to some B&Q and John Lewis vouchers that we have had for ages, we have now officially bought:
The oven, the hob, the kitchen sink and the kitchen tap.

BOOM! We have progress!

You like our choices? I’m so chuffed. The oven and hob are both A+ rated, something that is really important to me, and I think they look pretty tasty too. The sink is a composite white, which is a bit fancy and a little different to your standard stainless steel but as far as sinks go – without sounding a little dramatic – I thought it was beautiful! And the same for the tap. I tell you, there are a lot of taps out there to pick from, and it’s a lot harder than you’d think. Thankfully, our choices have guarantees for at least a decade, which is a lot longer than standard, so that’s a relief.

They’re all expected to arrive next week, and will probably need to be stored somewhere until it’s installation time – the spare bedrooms I imagine.

I can’t believe we’ve actually bought the stuff to be honest and it’s all getting very real!
Further to that, we’ve also finalised our kitchen designs, and are due to place the official order within the next few days. Ahhhhh! Can you believe it?!

We have chosen a matte grey kitchen, with a grey oak work surface and I just adore it. It’s modern, will allow our kitchen to remain bright yet warm, and will go with any colour scheme we pick, without becoming just another white gloss kitchen in a UK home – what was our initial choice. And you know what we’re like, we always like to do things a little differently!

After so long determined we were going for a white gloss, I’m actually impressed with how impulsive Joe and I have been in making this final decision, as we’re normally just useless at this kind of thing. Here is the catalogue picture of the range we’ve chosen.

Howden Shaker Grey

What do you think? Any colour scheme recommendations? We’ve still not decided! (Shocker…)

I’ll have another construction update coming soon, as the building work is continuing at a good pace now and we’re so close to having the roof on!

  • Loving your choices – I hear grey kitchens are all the rage. 😉 Such an exciting time!! x

    • Karen

      Hehe you’re SO right. And your kitchen is absolutely stunning too!
      Very excited 🙂 xx

  • Looking good, Karen, can’t wait to see it in! How long will you be without a kitchen for? I vote for white walls, with hints of dark purple (tiles?), but I’m biased because I have purple in my kitchen! Just think it would match with the grey nicely.

    • Karen

      Thanks Chelle! Not sure how long we’ll be without a kitchen for yet, but it will likely be a few weeks. Thankfully, we have family close by who I’m sure we could persuade to invite us over for some beans on toast! 🙂 Also, we were thinking the same for colours! Purple is my favourite choice at the moment, followed by a navy blue. Don’t need to make a decision just yet but it’s exciting to think that we’re almost at decorating stage 🙂 xx

      • That’s really exciting, love the idea of navy too! You could promise your family members a kitchen warming party in exchange for said beans… 😉

        • Karen

          Thanks Chelle! I *may* have already offered such promises hehe x

  • I’m so excited for you and really jealous at the same time. I love your choice of kitchen – can’t wait to see it in real (blog) life!

    • Karen

      Thanks so much! 🙂
      I can’t wait to show you!! x

  • Vie

    Your kitchen looks gorgeous, the lighting certainly makes it look warm and spacious. We’re going for a similar colour scheme with the matte grey units but with duck egg blue walls. Very inspiring, thank you very much!

    • Karen

      Thank you! Blue does seem the be the general winner to go with the grey kitchen so I’m excited to get shopping 🙂

  • Stunning choice Karen – and so perfect for you two! Love that it goes with any colour scheme too – we’d love to see you inject some of your trademark green-ness into it!

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

    • Karen

      Thanks Eve & Faye 🙂 More piccies to come soon!

      I was originally thinking green but then realised that we’ve very nearly decorated all of our house in some form of green so I reckon something new is desperately needed before it looks like we’re living inside a lime! Leaning toward a blue or purple, but may wait until the units are in x

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