Wishlist Wednesday – Wall Stag Heads

Wishlist Wednesday – Wall Stag Heads

For ages now, I’ve really loved the idea of having a stag head on the wall. Any wall, I’m not really that fussed. I just love this trend that’s suddenly everywhere. Not a real head you understand. And to be quite honest, I’d just be happy with the antlers. I know how deranged this sounds, but it all began in March when Joe and I took a wander around Home Sense when visiting my mum in Worcester one weekend. We bought a few bits and bobs – nothing extravagant. But, as I always do in home stores I snapped away with my iPhone for ideas. I usually wander around stores, camera in hand ready to take a piccie of the item, followed by product code and price, just in case I want to buy it later or add to a birthday wishlist!

This one item I’ve not seen again since and I really regret not snapping it up.

Antler hook

It was cheap (less than a tenner I think) and I really could have used somewhere to hang up our dressing gowns. Urrrgh the regret! So, ever since I’ve been keeping a beady eye out for some stag head home decor. Lately I’ve found these three beuts.

stag head

The first one is plywood and I’m sure I first saw it over on Little House On The Corner (great minds think alike!) but it’s available on Amazon for £30. I would love to get my hands on this and spray paint it a mad style – disco-ball pattern or something equally snazzy.

The middle head is from John Lewis for £40 and is knitted white wool. I literally squealed when I saw it in the store. I’m not sure whether it’s part of their upcoming Christmas range, but I can imagine this over the computer in our future office, all year round.

The third option is a bit of a safer one in aluminium which I also found on Home33 Accessories, but as I’m a bit magpie-like, I’m often drawn to the silver and shiny so we could be on to a winner. It’s also £30.

I think if I’m being honest, my absolute favourite is the John Lewis one and I posted a picture on Instagram when I was in the store a few days ago, I loved it that much. What do you think? Which would you go for? I may have to make an online purchase come next payday…