Construction Update: The Scaffolding Chapter

Construction Update: The Scaffolding Chapter

This past weekend brought another 2 days of building work to the extension and, as always, here are a few pictures to show the progress (here you go, mum! No need to nag remind me now hehe!).

The walls have gone from approximately 4 foot tall (albeit some of this will be ‘underground’ as the foundations) to first-storey height – maybe 8 or 9 foot. So tall in fact, that the brickies are now having to use scaffolding to finish off the job.

It feels so much taller than before – especially coming out of the back kitchen door, stepping down a couple of feet, as the flooring hasn’t been raised to the correct level yet, and looking up to the towering brickwork around you.

As the complete and utter saddos that we are, and to illustrate just how big the walls are now, here we are goofing around:
Kitchen Extension Kitchen Extension Kitchen Extension

The inner walls are also almost finished, as the insulation is put into place between the two brick layers and you can now get full view of the space where the french doors and kitchen window will go. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really starting to look like part of the house now, and not just a pile of lego blocks.

Kitchen Extension Kitchen Extension Kitchen Extension Kitchen Extension

The image below shows just what you can see when inside of the walls. I’ve taken pictures from both the right and the left. Can you start to imagine having a nice big dining table in here yet? I can! Remember, all this space is in addition to the rest of our existing kitchen. It’s going to be big and bright.

Kitchen Extension

And finally, here is a before and after to show the progress from last weekend. I may not have any silly stories from this week, but it’s all progress worth documenting in my eyes.

It’ also nice to have a chatter with the builders whilst they work, and I love having my uncle on the project meaning not only is it someone that I trust in the house (because having strangers wander around my house when I’m not there makes me feel incredibly nervous) but we also get to have a good catch-up more often than we normally would.

Next on their  list is finishing off this final bit of brickwork before getting a roof on to make it watertight. And then the fun really begins. I’ll keep you posted!

Kitchen Extension