5 Things I’d Love To See In My Hallway

5 Things I’d Love To See In My Hallway

With the hallway walls now stripped of their plaster, I’m starting to look ahead to decorating. I know, I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself here. It’s going to be many months before we can get any form of furniture for the room. First comes the kitchen project – a pretty massive job, le’s be honest – but then will come plastering, painting, new floors and boom, we’ll have a room worthy of decoration.

Lately I’ve been looking ahead at inspiration for the room – mostly for fun because I’m all glum from the ever so slight building delay. Woe is me etc. Our hallway isn’t the biggest room in the world, so we’ll be looking for space-saving solutions as well as ways to make the room look larger than it is (mirrored walls anyone?). It has a square space when you walk into the house, followed by a stairway with a right angle half-way up the staircase.

It feels cramped at the moment but I feel that has more to do with the complete and utter mish-mash of bricks, dark woodwork, and paint-ridden floorboards. I’ve seen other houses on our street though, all of which have the same layout, size and shape, and I know we can do better.

Here are 5 things I would just love to make a reality in our hallway:

1.Bricked Walls

I’ve already talked about my love of brick walls lately. In fact, I seriously need to change the record on this. But, I did have quite a few people say to me that we should consider keeping the exposed bricks up the stairs after my hallway update. I got so giddy at the idea, but I’m not sure whether we have adequate insulation or if the brickwork is neat enough. Either way, it’s a question to be answered down the line. I saw this picture on the Rodgers of York site with the beautiful brick walls, iron-style clock, and purple contrasting furniture and thought: GIMME.

2. Cut-off furniture

I originally saw this on Pinterest (where else?) Crikey I love this idea. Instead of having the whole piece of furniture taking up room, just use the amount you can sqeeuze into its new designated space! Like I said, we’re constricted on floorspace in our hallway would but still love somewhere to stash that bowl of crap that every house has and pretends is a key bowl. I may very well find a way to utilise this method.~

3. Fake the furniture!

If you’re really stuck for space, just pretend that a shelf is a full table. Again seen on Pinterest. This blows. My. Mind. I’m not sure my painting skills are quite up to scratch but with wall stickers making their mark on the interiors world lately I can’t see it being difficult to find one of some faux-furniture. Plus, it would be cheap as chips.

4. Painted stairs

I’ve always considered myself a carpeted stairs person. Apart from when we’ve been decorating (like, forever) and got used to floorboards, carpeted stairways have been the norm – perfect for stealth sneaking down to the kitchen for midnight snacks, am I right kids? After seeing some of the amazing makeovers of painted staircases (including one one of my favourite blogs – Charlotte’s tranformation of her staircase is stunning – which you can read about here), I must admit I’m tempted.

5. Fairylights

When Joe lived at home, his room was in the converted loft, and there would be soft fairylights on the way up his stairs. I realise how girly that might sound to his burly mates, but it just looked lovely. With Winter setting in, I think it would be such a nice way to brighten up what could easily turn into a dark and dismal room if we’re not careful with colour. Plus, what girl doesn’t like shiny twinkly lights as soon as you walk into the house?

What do you think? Any that you think I should make a reality?