Construction Update: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Construction Update: Rain, Rain, Go Away!


I’m about to say something that not many people will understand. And you may want to be sitting down when you read this…

I bloody love Winter.

“But Karen, don’t you miss the Summer and the long bright evenings?” I hear you ask. Nope, not me. Winter is amazing. It’s both mine and Joe’s birthdays. It’s Christmas (ahhhh I’m giddy about it already!!!). It’s time for me to whip out my crazy tights, hats and scarves collection. I get to wear my Raccoon onesie around the house. What’s not to love? Oh wait, there is one thing that springs to mind…


That’s what’s wrong with it.

I live in Manchester, sometimes fondly referred to as Rain City, so to some extent I have no right to complain about it. Just buy a brolly Karen and get over it. However, on this occasion I’m a bit miffed. You see, our building project is delayed again.

On my last update, I mentioned how the bricks were being put together in the ground to make the exterior walls. This has since been finished over a week or so, to form the foundation of the construction. The soil that once was a mountain outside our lounge window has now found it’s way back into the ground between the newly built walls and the back of the garden, and this means there is no longer the risk of falling into the abyss when we step out of the kitchen door. Phew! You get the idea with this before and after:


Bless my uncle for continuing to dig up mud and build this wall in the rain to get this step finished. Joe did put up the gazebo to give a bit of shelter, but most of you will know what Manchester rain was like, and it was pretty pointless.

The next step, from what I’ve been told – I’m mostly an observer in this project! – is to damp proof the area, and then up go the proper exterior walls. As in, the real walls that you see from the outside. The bricks have been ordered and will consume our front garden any day now. Piles and piles of them! As for the damp proofing – well, as you can imagine that needs a dry day to be done. Something that, sadly, we haven’t had in a week or so.

It’ll all kick off again shortly I’m sure, although it’s a little frustrating we haven’t got the project started earlier, after such a wonderful (and dry) Summer. Oh well. Mustn’t dwell on the past! I’m hoping my next update will include details of the proper structure, with beams of sunshine over the house. Fingers crossed.

rain rain01