Joe Vs The Hallway

Joe Vs The Hallway

Just in case we didn’t have enough dust in our house, what with the back of the kitchen being knocked down, extended and rebuilt. Oh no, this was not enough. If Joe and I are going to live in a building site, we are going to go the whole hog baby!

(Also, Joe got bored one day after work.)

For some time now, our hallway has needed…how do I put it? Improving? Replacing? Generally eradicating and substituting for a swanky newer shinier version? Take your pick.

I can, in fact, sum up the history of this room since moving in, a little like this:

Move in. Rip down minging stained wallpaper held onto the ceiling with Sellotape. Some of the plaster starts to come off. Installation of central heating leaves exposed brick areas in the walls. Joe accidentally smashes hole in the wall during bathroom renovation. We try to make “conrete-chic” happen. House guests see through the plan and recognise we just have holes in the wall  and live like hobos. Plaster continues to trickle off the walls every time we come in the front door. Joe gets fed up and takes action. Cue Action Man theme tune…

I know, cool story right? You can even see the holes in the wall here, although they’ve since been patched up – at the time they were created during the bathroom renovation we had to cover the hole up if you wanted any privacy whilst on the loo…


Getting pretty fed up of the hallway raining plaster every few days, Joe took matters into his own hands and decided to rip the lot down. After all, we have the skip readily available on the driveway thanks to the construction to the kitchen.

He did such a great job, especially as it’s such messy work. In all honesty, I bet it was a ton of fun and I’m gutted I missed it, as I was at work. Booo!

It’s funny, I came home and Joe was completely white with dust but with such a proud smile on his face. This isn’t an uncommon site as he’s prone to doing a bit of mucky DIY in the few hours before I come home. This time though, I walked straight past the hard graft he’d done like the terrible terrible wife I am, in search of what he’d accomplished. Oops, it was right there! In fact, I’m not sure whether this is a representation of how poor my eyesight is, or just how much of a cracking job Joe did of clearing up after himself!

Anyway, enough of me rambling on as per usual. Here is what it now looks like. We are expecting to get the room re-plastered later on in the year. One more step towards decorating. Yippee!


Hallway Hallway


  • It’s looking so good! Such an exciting time for the house!

    • Karen

      Thank you so much! It’s a messy job but we’ve waited so long to get it started so all worthwhile! 🙂

  • Boy, I would be tempted to leave that brick wall exposed! Have you considered NOT replastering?

    • Karen

      I have! I absolutely adore exposed brick walls. Sadly, it’s really battered and there are a lot of exposed pipes and wires so not sure how else we would disguise these. I will definitely keep some exposed brick somewhere in the house. Just got to find the right spot 🙂

  • simplythenest

    Ah I was just about to ask if you’d considered leaving it exposed! Might be a bit draughty though. We’re just thinking about insulating our walls from the inside – have you guys done this yet?

    • Karen

      Yeah I guess this Winter will be a true test as to how much difference the plaster makes towards the heat! I don’t know if they’re insulated from the inside. How do I find out? I’m intrigued! x

      • When was your house built? Ours is Victorian so the walls are solid with no cavity to insulate – we’ll have to line the walls inside with some kind of insulation and then plasterboard over the top. We’ll also most likely have to ensure that the original walls can still breathe so damp and mould doesn’t build up in the new cavity behind the plasterboard. It’s all very complex – I keep hoping to come across someone who’s already done it so I can just copy and paste their technique!

        • Karen

          Hmm now that’s interesting because I’m convinced we do have some walls insulated but I’m not sure if that automatically means they’re all insulated? It’s difficult to tell how much heat we’re losing from this room at the minute as it’s the last room in the house without double glazed windows and the front door is incredibly draughty. I think it’s something I’ll need to investigate 🙂 x

          • We’ve found some basic foil insulation behind a couple of plasterboarded walls – the majority of our walls are the original brick, horsehair and Victorian plaster ones, but a few have been plasterboarded by previous owners and they evidently decided to chuck a bit of insulation in there while they were at it. I guess this could be the same for you? By the look of that brick wall you don’t have any insulation there, unless it’s in a cavity behind the brick.

  • I was going to ask the same thing! It looks lovely! Might get a bit chilly come winter though.

    • Karen

      I think you’re right Chelle! We’ve stocked up on onesies so we don’t get chilly hehe 🙂 x

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