Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration

Before the end of the year, we are expecting to have the office – currently known as bedroom 3 with no bedroom-like features whatsoever – completed and decorated.

Joe has already done a lot of the prep work in here, but since we are having walls plastered in the kitchen once the extension has been built, we may as well do the smallest room upstairs at the same time! Save on mess and get another room finished.

We already have underlay, carpet and paint ready to go, so it will be a case of decorating from scratch due to the fact that we don’t actually have any office furniture yet. So as of yet, it’s as much an office as it is a gym. We’ve always had other rooms take priority, but now it’s time to look ahead at how I’d like the office to look. Here are a few of my favourite finds so far:

Office Inspiration

1. I just love brick walls. Not in the way that we see them at the moment where the plaster is falling off them! I’m talking brick walls in studio apartments that you find in the city center. However, our office isn’t the biggest room ever so we’re going to try and avoid deep colours (like on those deep red-brown bricks) to appear brighter. I adore this white-wash brick effect wallpaper and I think it would look fab as a feature wall.

2. They don’t look like much from this picture, but this shelf from Ikea looked amazing in the in-store display and was filled with quirky decorations and inventive storage ideas which I never would have thought of. Something we lack in the house is storage and we may go a bit mad for shelving.

3. All offices need organising right? I really want to get matchy matchy with our stationery in here as I think it looks neater. A big improvement on our higgledy-piggledy filing at present. This brown spotty range from Paperchase is just too cute.

4. There is just nothing I don’t like about this pixelated flower decoration. Every room looks better with flowers, right? And what if you think you would forget to water it? Bingo. I need this 8-bit style solution to flowers for geeks. Need!

5. We’ve always leaned towards absolutely massive office chairs. Sure, Joe is a big lad, but seriously, they take up so much room and I hate the bulkiness of most high-street ranges. I think this chair looks so sleek and smart. In fact, it’s on it’s way to me and I’ll be writing about it soon…

6. Not long ago I talked about wanting a canvas of Cuba in the house. We actually have a few Star Wars ones already waiting to be hung and I imagine that they will ultimately end up in the office. But if this wasn’t the case, I think I’d use this picture of Joe on the beach – easily my favourite picture from our honeymoon and get it printed. Picture In Canvas have some good offers on at the moment, and I’d be all over it.

Do you like my picks? I’ve been going mad on Pinterest looking for ideas, and can’t wait to get buying some stuff! Apologies in advance, bank balance.


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  • I love the Eames style chair! We’ve been using a spare dining room chair as a temporary solution in our office (temporary has turned into 3 years!). So tempted to just pop out and get myself one of those Eames copies…but wouldn’t an original be amazing!?

    • Karen

      I completely agree! (& I know what you mean about temporary!) I’ve seen lots of sales on for Eames chairs lately. Treat yourself 😉 x

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