Construction Update: Conquering Brick Mountain

Construction Update: Conquering Brick Mountain

Construction has begun!

As announced in my last post, we got the news that all the paperwork and financing had been signed off and construction could start on our kitchen/diner extension. By Wednesday morning, the job had begun. No mucking around here, we’d waited long enough!

Sadly, due to the wedding and honeymoon, I don’t have any more holiday days left at work, meaning I won’t be able to get involved in the project itself. Not that I’d be much help – remember this post where I couldn’t even break up a fence?

It would have been nice to see the action as it happens, but instead I’m getting a “big reveal” if you will, at the end of each work day. Which is just as good!

Wednesday afternoon came, and I was anxious. I take after my mum after all and am quite a worrier. I sat at my desk at work asking to myself: I wonder if it’s started yet? Have we got too excited just to be let down again? Has something else come up to delay us? Is our house going to fall down? Ahhhhh!!!

Then I got a text from Joe. Attached was a picture of our house – with a pile of rubble at the back. The outhouse was gone!

Extension construction

It’s crazy how quickly this has all happened! (Not to mention what can be achieved with a sledgehammer!)
Suddenly the house feels so small, even though the outhouse was never really used on a day-to-day basis. Also, it’s fun how the kitchen door now feels like an opening to Narnia – or Brick Mountain, as I’ve been calling it.

Extension construction Extension construction

As you can see, the structure has been taken down and it’s mostly a big pile of rubble remaining. My uncle – who is a builder and doing this job for us, wahey! – has collected the salvageable bricks, and has started organising the rest of the rubble for the skip. He’s the neatest builder I’ve ever known!

Extension construction

To celebrate, after I got home from work, I decided to climb up Brick Mountain and claim it as my own – as if it were the bloody Moon or something – but then I kept stumbling on the bricks and decided it was a hazard. Rock and roll!!!

Extension construction

With the outhouse gone, the next big job is going to be digging the footings of our brand new kitchen. I’m so excited to share this with you!

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  • This is so exciting! You need a live feed! Hell, I’m on maternity leave, *I* need a live feed!

    • Karen

      Haha! Oooh I’ll see what I can do 😉 At the very least I’ll have more updates this week 🙂
      Hope you’re having an amazing time on maternity Chelle! x

      • I’ve missed all these comments where you replied to what I’ve already said! Sorry for being rude and ignorant! Yes, in my last week now, boo!xx