Hillarys Blind Review: Starting Off Our Neutral Guest Bedroom

Hillarys Blind Review: Starting Off Our Neutral Guest Bedroom

Whilst we aren’t completely into the decorating stage yet for the majority of rooms in the house, Joe and I knew it was time for a few new essential additions.

I remember when we added blinds to the lounge and it just completely changed the feel of the place. As the second bedroom is currently acting as our dressing room with our humongous wardrobes and never-ending laundry stash, it’s pretty safe to say I’ve flashed our neighbours more than a few times over the past 2 years.

This was the room for blinds, no question.

It was time to start on the neutral guest bedroom we’ve wanted for so long – and we received the blinds from Hillarys Blinds.

(This was further spurred on by Charlotte over at House Number 59 who has just re-decorated her master bedroom with some gorgeous neutral features and Lauren’s progress on her white-inspired bedroom. So nice!)

We were visited by a blinds consultant a few weeks ago, for the window to be measured and for us to select a style, which took us all of 5 minutes! After a quick flick through the catalogue, we immediately knew what we wanted – a rarity for Joe and I, eternally picky as we are! In fact, it was as simple as pointing to the picture below and saying: “We’ll take it!”

Hillarys Blinds

Pretty tasty yes?

When the blinds arrived a week or so later, I was really chuffed with the quality of them.

We chose a neutral horizontal wooden blind, and I think it adds real warmth to the room, whilst still allowing air in during the summer – a priority for us, a couple who has to have the windows open at night.

The blinds are made from 50mm slats in a distressed white. It’s subtle without looking completely boring and I think it will really complement any theme for when we finally turn this into a guest bedroom at some point over the next year.

To keep the slats more cohesive, we added a neutral tape into the mix – not something I’ve ever considered before but we saw it in the catalogue and thought, why the heck not? Let’s go the whole hog! It’s a lovely finishing touch that the advisor recommended to us, and it’s something I wouldn’t have picked myself.

I think they are well worth the £200 price tag. We paid £150 for the blinds in the lounge, and considering this new Hillarys blind is made from sturdy wood and was fitted over a really large window, I think their pricing is spot on, and really good value. And I can see them lasting us many years.

We did initially have an issue whereby our appointment was missed. I don’t like to be negative for the sake of it, however, this turned out to be a real shine on how good their customer services department really is. After alerting them over email and on Twitter, everything was corrected super quickly and the staff were really polite. I think poor customer service is something that can really put me off a company for life, regardless of how good their products are, so I’m pleased to say in this instance, it was really blummin’ good. Thumbs up for Hillarys.

Below are some pictures of the installed blind. I hope you like them!

Hillarys Blinds Hillarys Blinds Hillarys Blinds Hillarys Blinds Hillarys Blinds

*Disclaimer: These blinds were gifted to me to review. These views, however are completely my own and I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t purchase myself.