Photo Canvas Review: Featuring Our Wedding Guests!

Wedding Canvas

If you read my last post on what a kitchen means to me, you’ll know that a home is a place where I like to spend with family.  Well, when we’ve tarted the place up a bit more anyway.

However, they can’t always be there to spend time with little old me, so after I was contacted this month by YourImage2Canvas to review their canvas products, I knew straight away that I would want a blown up picture of my entire family.

I’d eventually love to get a canvas picture of Cuba, from our honeymoon – either the gorgeous beaches of Varadero, or the quirky cars and buildings of Havana, but I’ll wait until we’ve got more wallspace before getting carried away.

We actually had a great family picture taken at our wedding. It included all of the friends and family (approximately 65 of us) that were at the ceremony itself and I thought this would be a perfect souvenir of the day, as well as a great image for visitors to the house to look at – and see if they can spot themselves!

It took me less than 5 minutes to put the order in – the website is surprisingly simple to use. And even myself, who is notoriously unlucky with post, was shocked to see it arriving on my doorstep the next morning– now that’s how all delivery should be! Take note Royal Mail!

The frame is made of solid pine so it’s really sturdy and due to the unusual image shape I had, I needed a custom size, which was as easy as typing it in and uploading the picture.

My canvas is 17 inches by 27 inches, and this came to £48 – which works out at a good few quid cheaper than Tesco, the only other place I’d probably consider getting a canvas print from – simply because it’s convenient and nearby.

My only criticism about the product is that it didn’t come with any way for it to be hung, so we haven’t yet put it on the wall. However, Joe tells me that with a quick screw in the wall, it will hang easily due to the fact that it isn’t a flat product. So all is not lost!

We’ve been really rubbish at getting some family pictures around the house because we’ve simply had other areas to concentrate on and all the walls aren’t fully plastered/painted so it’s seemed a bit senseless. We are going to put this canvas in our kitchen/diner once it’s built but for now it’ll go in the lounge. Plus, it’s about time we got a wedding picture on display in the house – it’s been over 3 months after all!

I really love it.

What do you think of our picture?

Wedding Canvas

Wedding Canvas

Wedding Canvas

*Disclaimer: This product was gifted by YourImage2Canvas.


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  • Looks great, what a lovely reminder! We have a canvas from our wedding (black and white though) and I always think I should get more done; it’s a great way to display photos. Will look forward to seeing your Cuba ones in the future – we went there last year and loved it, especially Havana! x

    • Karen

      Thank you! You should get more done! I’d love to have a sneaky peak 🙂
      We loved Havana too – what an experience it is. I keep having days where I just really miss Cuba in general. Fab country. I’ll absolutely get a canvas done at some point and blog sbout it when I do 🙂 x

  • It’s a shame about the hanging bits. It’s absolutely gorgeous though. Where are you thinking of hanging it? x PS. Would love to see a Cuba post!

    • Karen

      We’ve hung it! In the lounge for now.
      Eventually it will move to the kitchen…yet to be built haha

      Then I may replace the spot in the lounge with a Cuba one 🙂 Which I’m sure I’ll blog about! x

  • Melanie @ Mailbox Journey

    Love it! Having a picture of ALL of your wedding guests is such a rare thing – so cool that you have one!

    • Karen

      Thanks! 🙂 I really love it! So rare that we get all of our big family together so i really cherist it x