Did you do something to your hair? Or your blog…

Did you do something to your hair? Or your blog…

I suppose you’re wondering what’s changed around here right? Nope it isn’t my hair – that’s just this humid weather we’ve been having here in the UK. Having a bit of a Monica Gellar moment…

I’ve actually spruced up my blog a bit! Wahey!

Do you like it?

I re-designed it back in January as a New Year’s Resolution but I’ve neglected the poor thing since then due to a lack of time, motivation…and time again.

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up


But now, I finally just sat down and got it looking a little bit better. It’s funny, what started out as a little bit of an online scrapbook has turned into a diary almost. Of progress, of inspiration and of thoughts. And sometimes, (as all girls with a love of stationery will know) it’s nice to have that packaged in a pretty box with a bow.

Thanks so much to Rissa at Riss Blog Design who created my new header for me. I love it, and I love her style! She also blogs about home design over at http://risshomedesign.com but she is just so lovely so if you want her to do you some blog design work, look at her work here: http://rissblogdesign.blogspot.co.uk/ – I would recommend her.

Obviously for me, it’s the words and pictures on Well I Guess This Is Growing Up which are vital because they are acting as a diary of sorts for me to use as reference at a later date. But, having them looking nice is a bonus which will spur me on to continue even on the days when renovating might be getting me down. Hope you like it!