You wanna be in my gang? How to follow me after the death of Google Reader!

You wanna be in my gang? How to follow me after the death of Google Reader!

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So, I started writing this blog post months ago, but what ya gonna do?

If you’re a fan of reading lots of blogs online, you’ll know that Google Reader has shut it’s doors. Boo hiss!

Even though I’ve known about this since the news was announced in March, I’ve only just got around to migrating my blog subscriptions elsewhere.

Personally I really like Bloglovin as an alternative. If you’re the same, there’s a great shortcut to transferring from Google Reader over to Bloglovin which can be found here. Hopefully it’ll still work.

If you want to keep being updated whenever I update a post (and I have so much to write about – plenty to catch up on this week – watch this space!)  there are other ways to do so.

I started this blog almost 2 years ago just to keep a scrapbook of how our first house is coming along and it’s now turned into my little hub of design inspiration and general homey lifestyle – as well as all the DIY and general destruction that we started with. Only now I actually have readers which is such a joy!

If you’d like to join my group of followers, I’d be so grateful and you can do so below:

Subscribe: Receive an e-mail every time I post an update. Enter your e-mail address in the Subscribe box over there on the right.
Bloglovin: A great blog reading site, and my personal fave.
Twitter: I tweet all of my blog posts from this Twitter account. Also expect to find me talking about digital marketing, social media, and dinosaurs.
Pinterest: So far this has been used for planning my wedding, but with that behind me, I’ll be pinning my next project: the kitchen.
Google+: I mostly discuss digital marketing on here, but if you’re lucky I’ll chatter on about my wedding/house from time to time.
Instagram: Expect to find pictures of our house, my nails, our cat, and chocolate.

At the same time, I’m always on the lookout for similar blogs to mine. It’s a really niche area and let’s face it, not everyone will find this house malarkey interesting. But since I’m living it, I want to read about others in the same situation as me, to get ideas and to learn that I’m not alone! Know of a similar blog? Link me up below and share it! 🙂