Bargain Wedding Album from Photobox

I know I’ve blogged our wedding to death a bit now but I just wanted to share this as well (I’ve gone this far, why stop now?). Our wedding album finally arrived last week woohoo!

I’m just so so pleased with it. If you’re lucky enough to have access to all of your wedding pictures and not just a select few like most packages, I’d really recommend making your own photo book. Because we got an amazing deal from our photographers (Marcus Sarko and Rosy Nesbitt if you’re wondering) we were incredibly fortunate to get hundreds of pictures. From the research Joe and I did, most wedding photography packages would give you an album of approximately 60 images – at a cost of hundreds of pounds. In one case, a wedding album was £1,000 which just blows my mind. Sure it was hand-bound leather and all that jazz, but come on. One thousand pounds. (Think of all the M&Ms I could buy with that!)

I completely understand that for some this is spot on, but we wanted to have something a bit more substantial, and at a more realistic cost to us.

We ordered our wedding album from Photobox and we went for the Premium Photobook. With a drag and drop system it was really easy to make. In fact, the only real difficulty was narrowing down which images to use! And if you know Joe and I, you’ll know we’re pretty poor decision makers around the house.

With a padded cover, high gloss card pages (117 of them) and a solid box to keep it safe, I’m really chuffed that we got it for only £60. Originally £100, we added some extra pages (see, told you we couldn’t narrow it down enough), add delivery and then the 50% discount offer they sent me via e-mail, and voila, we’d bagged a bargain.

(They send out e-mail discounts all the time so get on their mailer if you’re thinking of doing something similar in the future)

I just want to clarify, this post isn’t in any way promoted by Photobox. I just hope that if there are any brides out there hoping that there are alternatives to paying out of your ears for a decent wedding album, there are. I’m planning on doing an album – although not quite so extravagant – for our honeymoon pictures, because it really bothers me that no-one prints out their lovely snaps anymore.

We’ve got a big family party coming up soon and I can’t wait to show everyone and see what they think.

Photobox wedding album


Photobox wedding album

Photobox wedding album

Photobox wedding album

Photobox wedding album

Photobox wedding album


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  • Eve

    This looks stunning Karen – and what a bargain!

    Eve xxx

    • Karen

      Thanks Eve! I was really chuffed with it 🙂 Took me bloody ages but it’s a ‘forever’ thing so was worth the late nights! x

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