Wishlist Wednesday – Everything in Harrods & a bookshelf

I’m an absolute sucker for a bookcase. I’ve said it a million times before and posted lots of inspiration-type images on this very blog but dammit I really want a library!

(I feel like a bit of a traitor saying that with a Kindle on charge in the next room but I stand by this statement.)

At the beginning of this month I went to London to treat my sister for her birthday and to visit my best friend (Hey Amy & Holly!) and it was the first time I’d visited the infamous Harrods.

I wanted everything in the home department.

There was a gold-encrusted dinosaur skull ornament, at the incredible bargain price of only £40,000 (ahem) – I wonder if I could persuade Joe that we need it? As always when I go to any store that sells home interiors, I whipped out my battered iPhone and took some rather shoddy pictures to help give me some creative ideas at a later date.

I saw monstrous couches worthy of those New York penthouse apartments you only ever see in the movies and paintings that looked like even I could have doodled them, whilst sozzled, with my left hand, yet cost in excess of £100,000. Though I never expected to find anything in Harrods in my budget, it was still great fun to walk around.

We did come across one particularly beautiful display – a room full of old suitcases stacked up to form tables, soft leather chairs, and kitsch ornaments which together looked like those wonderfully traditional brown offices from back in the day – whenever that is. I was half expecting to see a Globe bar somewhere…

But I’ve drifted off a bit here. Back to books. I saw this stack of books in that very display and thought it was just bloody brilliant. I may not have the space to ever construct an entire library Beauty and the Beast style, but who’s to say I can’t make something of the few books I have left? So, firmly on my wishlist, is to whip out my book collection from the loft and get them on display. Possibly a little less adventurous than the below example, but I’ll give it my best shot. Watch this space.

Harrods books

Harrods books

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