Wishlist Wednesday: Bathroom Decorations

This week I’ve been looking at ways we can finish the bathroom. Yes, it’s all finished in terms of renovating (almost a year since this has been completed wooohoo!). But, these things take time and there is still plenty to do. The bathroom still needs  a new window and a bloody good weekly scrub but no-one wants to read about that, right?

So, when having a look for inspiration, these are the things I’ve been lusting after lately to give the room a bit more personality:


Wishlist Wednesday bathroom

1. Towel Rack – Next – £30

I’ve had a bit of a love affair with Next for a long time but don’t often go ahead to purchase Mostly because the things I like from there are mostly ornamental and we’re just not at that stage of decorating yet. We’re more in the destruction/smashing stage. However, this towel rack is a necessity. I’ve wanted it for ages for us to display ‘show towels’ – that’s right, towels you’re not even allowed to use! I’ve become one of those people. But that’s what decorating is all about surely? Most towel racks we’ve found were really cheaply made, were the wrong size or were the wrong colour. I will be buying this on an upcoming payday. Eventually.

2. Candles – Ikea – £10

Let’s face it, bathrooms smell. Not necessarily of that, but they’re damp and could benefit from a bit of help in the odour department. Enter numerous candles. I’m a big fan of the Ikea range. I don’t feel ripped off like with Yankee Candles and they last so much better than anything you’d find at the supermarket. I have a selection of chocolate candles in the lounge from this range and they smell delicious.

3. Poster – The Internet – Priceless

I mean, what’s not to like about this poster? I doubt we will ever actually put it up, but I saw it in our friend’s house once and the thought of it welcoming our guests when they use our bathroom makes me chuckle like a school girl every time.

4. Mirrored Shelf – Ikea – £30

I am trying to buy this but it’s been out of stock for a while. Although the shelves aren’t available in white, the plan is to paint it with a glossy white so that it fits the bathroom cabinet we plan to sit it next to. Enter decorations such as candles – see point 2 – and voila, a more homey looking  bathroom.

5. Bathroom Sign – Not On The High Street – £14.50

I adore this bathroom sign, but it would mean nailing it to the bathroom door and Joe is a  bit precious about the door… But still, handmade using vintage Scrabble tiles, yes please!

6. Flowers – Dunelm Mill – £3.99

After our wedding, the house was full of flowers, and some of my Norwegian relatives even sent me a beautiful bouquet to say congratulations. We had these on the bathroom windowsill for almost a fortnight and once they eventually wilted, I felt like there was something missing and the room looked dull without them. Rather than buy a new bouquet every fortnight, I plan to buy some artificial flowers and make an arrangement so we can have that look all year round. Or at least until we get bored and change the colour scheme. These light blue lilies are the winner in my search so far.

What do you think? Have you seen any fun bathroom decorations lately? Send them my way!