Joe’s DIY Day Off

Joe’s DIY Day Off

We got back from our honeymoon at an eye-watering 6am last Bank Holiday Monday. Normally I’m quite happy to get up at this hour (okay so maybe not happy, but I do it!) however, after an overnight flight of 10 hours of which I did nothing but read and watch NHL games, I was a tad sleepy.

Monday was dedicated to the oh-so-exotic tasks of laundry, unpacking, more laundry, and staying awake to beat jet-lag. Come Tuesday I was back at work, and once again our beloved house was neglected. Sorry house!

Fortunately, Joe managed to bag the Tuesday off work (not fair!) and after discussing dream plans for the future (most of which included the house) every night on the beach for the past fortnight, Joe was raring to go.

On the Tuesday Joe kept himself occupied by:

+Cleaning the gutters – a really nasty job thanks to our oversized trees and love of rice. They were pretty blocked and needed a drain guard replacing meaning the water waste needed re-piping to fit the new arrangement. Sludgy fun eh Joe?
+Replaced the hinges on the bathroom door. Joe had splattered accidently painted the old ones when he painted the door white. Now we have shiny chrome ones again.
+Started creating the ‘false wall’ next to where the toilet door used to be, before we moved it to be part of a larger bathroom.
+Started cutting up plasterboard in preparation for it to go on the walls. You can read about the project here.

On top of all those  time-consuming jobs, he bought a new letterbox!

Little did we know when we bought the house that something such as the letterbox would be an issue. After all, I was more interested in buying millions of cushions and arty farty framed pictures for decorating. We haven’t quite reached this stage yet…

Back to the letterbox. Currently, it isn’t large enough for anything over A5 to be delivered, meaning if we want a large letter/package sent to the house, it’s straight to the Post Office for collection. Either that or it’s squished in and destroyed by the postman. Now that we’ve decided to prioritise the kitchen this summer, any plans to replace the tired front door are being pushed back for now, but Joe manually cut out a larger gap for a bigger letterbox – with a shiny version! Oh I do like shiny things 🙂

Joe, you are my hero.

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