The Architecture of Cuba

In May, Joe and I went to Cuba for 2 weeks. It was our first holiday for just the two of us in a really long time, years in fact. Oh, and did I mention it was our honeymoon?

Wanting a bit of luxury to mark the start of our marriage (and why not?) we decided on your typical beach holiday. Me, having a complete hatred of sand and the ocean however with an added intolerance to any longer than 10 minutes in direct sunlight, it was also pretty important that there was enough sight-seeing options too (i.e somewhere with shade! I am a redhead after all!)

We booked Cuba, and I’m so glad we did. I think it’s one of those places that everyone should visit. It just has so much character which, in my eyes, trumps any plain beach holiday in Spain.

A few things I was particularly excited to experience was the Caribbean weather, the American 50’s cars, the rum, the cigars, and the Cuban music – and none of these disappointed. In fact, they were all incredible.

The architecture was another area we were excited to explore, but it’s really one thing to see it on Google Images, and another to be stood next to it. These people are living in real poverty but boy do the Cubans know how to make the most of what they have.

Buildings which would require a hard hat here in England, were family homes in Cuba. And although I’m not equipped to comment on the politics or financial situation of the country, the people just got on with it with no complaints and no fussing. (Maybe it’s the rum?)

Take a look at some of the buildings we saw when we visited Varadero and Havana.

Cuba architecture

Cuba architecture

Cuba architecture

Cuba architecture


Cuba architecture

Cuba architecture
For all of the times I have joked about Joe and I living in a building site, stood next to this house pictured above, I felt ridiculous for ever complaining about  not having carpet or a full length mirror or a kitchen side.

For the most part, the architecture of Cuba was stunning and if the country has taught me nothing else (except how to make the most amazing cocktails) then it’s to love your home – no matter what state it is – because there is always someone else who would love to take it off your hands.

On second thoughts, the Cubans may not have the sturdiest of walls, but they’ve got one hell of a view on their doorstep…

Cuba Varadero beach

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  • Eve

    Wow Karen! These pictures are stunning 🙂

    I’d love to go to Cuba – I may start saving 🙂

    Eve x

    • Karen

      Thanks Eve! It really is such an interesting and gorgeous country. And only costs pennies in comparison to the other Caribbean islands. I’d defo recommend it 🙂 x